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Maw1 Folder Protector 5.74 ★☆★ on Thu May 03, 2012 4:43 pm

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KaKasoft Folder Protector

A powerful and easy-to-use program for protection

KaKa Folder Protector
is a file-security program allowing the user to hide, lock, encrypt and
protect files and folders in the blink of an eye. When folders are
password protected and locked, their contents cannot be read, copied,
modified or deleted. To access the locked folders, you must supply the
correct password.

KaKa Folder Protector has advanced features such as "Security-Level",
allowing the user to select the Strength. Other features of Folder
Protector include: Security Level, Show Protected Signs, Password Hint,
Change icon of the protected folder, File Filter system.

Folders can also be protected on portable devices like USB flash disk and removable hard disk. KaKa Folder Protector can also be used on Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98.

• Three Methods: Lock,Scramble and Encrypt Folder. Depending on the security level you need.
• On the Fly Protection: Using the Strong protection technology that can effectively lock/encrypt all your files.
• Strong Encryption: A strong industry standard 256-bit BLOWFISH Encryption is used to encrypt your files.
• Portability: Folders can be protected on portable devices like USB flash disk and removable hard disk.
• Drive Firewall: Allows you to protect your data from virus and other bad software.
• Security: Protected files are totally hidden and locked, undeletable, unmovable and totally inaccessible.

DOWNLOAD | KaKasoft Folder Protector 5.74*

A powerful and easy-to-use program for protection!

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