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Maw1 Townscape USB Anti-Virus 2012 v4.2 on Thu May 03, 2012 4:49 pm

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TownScape USB Anti-Virus 2012 Focuses on the fact that most viruses
infect computers through USB/Flash Drives. The solution is simple:
Prevention. Traditional antivirus software require updating which also
becomes part of the problem if the computer is not updated, giving a
sense of false security to the user. TownScape USB Anti-Virus fights
them without even knowing them or what their names are. Our mission is
to eliminate viruses from their source of propagation, since we have
realised that to prevent them rather than cure them and to not need to
update the antivirus is what most individuals would consider an ideal
achievement. In this regard we are being bold by breaking all normal
modus operandi of anti-virus software, which might be an innovation that
could set a new trend for the Antivirus Industry.

Removes viruses and repairs the damage they did on USB files.
Removes virus created shortcuts and restores files they damaged.
Detects and terminates viruses running in memory.
Reports the same virus once and there after deals with it silently.



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