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Maw1 Gateway Member Ranks/Usernames on Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:21 am

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Gateway Members:

If you wish to have a custom rank or wish to have your custom rank colored, feel free to
request your rank or rank color here and an administrator will change it for you. This also goes for username changes.

Rules for Requesting A Custom Rank:
1)Whether you are requesting a new rank or asking for a rank change, you
must use quotation marks around what you would like to be your rank, or your request will be declined.
2) You cannot use any rank that would be considered inappropriate. Please be reasonable and follow the rules.
3) Do not harass an administrator if they haven't changed your rank right away.
4) You must have 500 posts or more.

Rules for Requesting A Rank Color:
1) When requesting a rank color, you must use the color coding of HTML. You can find HTML color codes on this page: HTML Color Codes Or this page: HTML Color Codes 2
2)You must choose a color that is easily read on the form and doesn't "hurt the eyes." If the administrator decides it is hard to read for any reason, your request will be denied.
3) Do not harass an administrator if they haven't changed your rank color right away.
4) You must have 750 posts or more.
5) You must list what your current rank is, within quotation marks.

Rules for Requesting A Username Change:
1) You must cannot change your username for more than once every six months.
2) Be patient when requesting a username change, don't nag an administrator if they don't do it right away.
3) You must be an active member to request a username switch or your request will be denied.
4) You cannot use any username that can be considered inappropriate. Follow the rules.
5) You must have been an active member for at least a month before being able to request for a username change.

If you have any questions about custom ranks/rank colors, feel free to ask a staff member.
Thank you,


Notice : All users of this forum are deemed to respect and obey the rules.

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