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Maw1 Forum Awards on Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:22 am

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There are now forum
medals available to members, should they complete the requirements for
receiving any of them. I shall list the qualifications for each medal
here. If you believe that you should have an award and do not, please
contact an administrator via PM to discuss it. You may also nominate
another member for an award to an administrator, should you believe that
they deserve the medal. Thank you.

Role-Play Creator: You will receive this medal if you have created an RP and have run it for a few weeks of time.

Role-Play Helper:
You have assisted a RPM/RPC with their RP in order to keep it running during difficult times.

Role-Play Activist: You will receive this medal if you have been active in up to three RP's at one time, or having demonstrated high activity in a particular role-play. This medal will be lost if a member becomes inactive.

Forum Patriot: This medal will be awarded if a member has brought up to five, new, and active members to the forum with different IP's. IP's will be checked to avoid abuse of this award.

An additional award is to come. Please feel free to post
ideas/suggestions/opinions about these awards here. Smile, Gateway!

[Only mods are allowed to see this image]
[Only mods are allowed to see this image]

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