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The following suggestion types will be automatically denied and the thread locked.

1. Rule suggestions. I will not take them at all. No one but me makes the rules here.

2. Moderator Suggestions. I don't care what section you think needs a
moderator or who you think would make a good moderator. Staff is chosen
by me and current staff alone. Don't PM me or staff either kissing ass
to be on staff. It won't happen.

3. Sticky Suggestions. I'm not interested in your opinion about what makes a good sticky.

4. Layout Suggestions. I control the design of this site. I don't want to know what you think is better.

5. Regular Member Features. If a feature is only for l33t/ub3r it's not
going to be handed down to regular members who did not pay for the
feature. Any new features of the site will almost always be for
upgraded accounts.

6. Chat/IM/Shoutbox/IRC. We will very likely never have any chat system in place on this site and for lots of good reasons.

7. Thanks Button. I will not add one here. Site is too large and a feature like this would cause load problems.

8. Member Restrictions. HF will not be taking suggestions for new
restrictions on the site based on post count, registration date, or

9. Group Suggestions. Any new groups will be created by me and will
have a site purpose. Member controlled user groups will no longer be
added unless they are a paid group (read help docs). Don't suggest

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