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PostworkShop Professional

Take your Art to the next Level by applying artistic Styles

PostworkShop Pro Edition is an easy-to-use
yet powerful image manipulator. Define your own Style, create a personal
line that makes you recognizable or surprise your friends with new
styles every day.

With one simple click you can transform your photo, 2D image or 3D
render into an oil painting or watercolor, pastel drawing or pencil
sketch, abstract or old-time photograph.
Each PostworkShop edition includes all the built-in styles. More than
300 different results with a single click. Choose a first style from the
Style browser and apply it to your image.

Then, insert as many other styles as you want! Mix styles and blend them
to create complex artistic effects that you can save as new styles for
future use or share with others!

Design your own styles in the node-based Style Editor. Drop filters and
existing styles into the workspace and build a new, custom filter graph.
Bored of 3D renders that look like 3D renders?

Give your image an artistic touch by applying different styles. You can
even mix it with photographic elements no one will be able to tell if
the original was a render or a photograph!

Add your watermark or signature with the Text Object without the need to
switch between PostworkShop and other software programs. Develop unique
styles and visions that extend the range of your graphic art. It's also
such fun to use - truly an artists playground! Take your Art to the
Next Level.

· RAM: 2GB min, 4GB recommended

What's New in This Release:

New Features:
· PostworkShop works in plug-in mode
· 64 bit program version
· Unlimited render size (depends on the available memory)
· Batch improvements (regular expression based naming, displaying rendered images, persistent settings)
· Manual paint/retouch/clone module
· Alpha Map (layer mask) editor
· Auto save custom styles in the Style History
· Simplified Save Style window (publishing is not necessary any more)
· New styles, textures and brushes
· Multi-language user interface
· Toolbar (faster save, layout switching, ...)
· Detachable Projects/Styles/Properties panels
· DPI management (canvas and images)
· Image properties (pixel/physical size, DPI) displayed
· Image Resize window (pixel/physical size, DPI)
· New Save window (for projects and images)
· Objects/Layers can be renamed
· Pin types are displayed on the style thumbnails
· New Color Selector modes (Color Wheel, Color Names)
· Categorized, visual texture selector
· Categories in the brush selector
· Ea...

DOWNLOAD | PostworkShop Professional 3.0.4823 32-bit

DOWNLOAD | PostworkShop Professional 3.0.4823 64-bit

Take your Art to the next Level by applying artistic Styles!

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