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x301 PowerCmd v2.2 Build 515 on Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:18 am

  • Root Admin
Root Admin

Command Prompt Enhancement Tool

PowerCmd is a useful and highly advanced
windows management and enhancement tool for traditional Microsoft
Windows Command Prompt.

PowerCmd creates command prompt in the background and offered a Windows
style replacement. PowerCmd interprets commands through Windows Command
Prompt and have more functionalities: Output is autosaved.

You can easily manage command prompt windows, highlight keywords, have word find button, and autocomplete commands.

Here are some key features of "PowerCmd":

· Save the output of consoles automatically.
· Highlight keywords on a console with different colors.
· Word Find button to find each occurrence of the word.
· Display a list of files under working directory with system icon for files.
· Windows generic text editing behavior.
· Manage Command Prompt windows with different layouts.
· Hide main window and take it back using system tray icon.

What's New in This Release:

· Access customized tools from system tray menu
· Stop scrolling when SCROLL key toggled

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DOWNLOAD | PowerCmd v2.2 Build 515

Command Prompt Enhancement Tool!

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