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x301 SlimWare DriverUpdate v2.2.16918.26185 on Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:25 am

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SlimWare DriverUpdate

Uses uses cloud computing to find drivers updates

DriverUpdate is a professional application
designed to find drivers updates for your system. DriverUpdate uses the
latest technology to move the process of maintaining drivers from the
local PC to the cloud. Cloud computing has revolutionized the way
information is shared and communicated.

DriverUpdate utilizes the cloud to provide a continuous stream of data
to every version of the application. This provides users with
up-to-the-minute evaluations of available drivers and, even better, it
keeps users up to speed with the latest updates available from all their
favorite manufacturers. Trying to manually keep track of every driver
release, every system upgrade, and every Windows update can take time
and energy.

It constitutes hours spent searching the web or using fragmented driver
apps that rely on once-and-a-while updates to make their evaluations.
Because of its link to a dynamic data cloud, DriverUpdate is always in
sync with the latest releases, and its automated scanning utility makes
updating drivers easier than ever.

Users can download drivers and updates individually, or get them all in
at once. Push button technology allows anyone, no matter what their
skill level, to easily assess and understand their PC maintenance

With the click of a mouse, those uses can then begin all of their update
installations at once. This saves time, trouble and headaches by
helping to avoid the pitfalls of confusing update sequences.

Here are some key features of "DriverUpdate":

The Better Method:
· Our online data cloud gives you the advantage over other programs.
While most driver updaters have to spider the web, looking for the most
up-to-date drivers, DriverUpdate simply accesses a single source and
gets it. The cloud is constantly refreshed, being fed new definitions
hourly, so no matter how old or new your PC is, it's components are
on-call. Get the right hardware definition every time.

Enhanced Scanning:
· The beauty of DriverUpdate' s dynamic update process is that it allows
for the best customization. When you run a scan with SlimDrivers or
DriverUpdates, you make an individualized profile of your PC - the exact
hardware you have and the specific configurations that apply to that
hardware. This way, when you get updates, they're not only the most
newly available, but the most precise. Never worry about getting the
wrong driver again.

The Right Way to Do It:
· DriverUpdate doesn't give you a dumbed down version of what's
happening behind the scenes of your computer. Instead, it brings a
complicated system into perspective. Anyone can use it by just pointing
and clicking. Our specialized interface lets you view driver specs in a
way that is familiar, with push-button controls.
· By approaching the task of driver maintenance with intuitive controls,
engineered organization and an attitude of openness, DriverUpdate,
takes the technical and makes it accessible.

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DOWNLOAD | SlimWare DriverUpdate v2.2.16918.26185

Uses uses cloud computing to find drivers updates!

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