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Developers' Notes for the next CABAL update from CABALEU Official


We thought you might enjoy some official notes, nice and early for a change ;-)

We are still some time away from the next update, since Legacy of
Darkness went live not too long ago, but as usual ESTsoft are
progressively updating their own test servers. The following information
is NOT definitive, as it is all still in progress, but it should give
you some idea of what to expect. Features might be added, removed,
tweaked, changed, edited, names might be changed, and so forth - please
keep that in mind. These are ONLY the notes we receive from ESTsoft,
also keep in mind that we do not have this update on our test server
yet, so I cannot be more specific about any of the information below. I
will keep this post updated and edited as we receive more official
information from ESTsoft, including pictures.

We received the latest update to the notes earlier today, so here you go:

Current working title: Saint's Forcecalibur
Release date: Classified
Last update to the notes: 14 July 2011


  • Added a new quest to receive the Mergaheph's ring
  • Added a new crafting system for the sealed Mergaheph's ring
  • Added a new weapon "Saint's Forcecalibur"

  • Added a new introduction quest for "Saint's Forcecalibur"
  • Added new titles
  • Added a DP expiration timer
  • Added a Mute function to the jukebox
  • Added a global hotkey use option
  • Added a new monster "Baikalitan"

  • Added the 'Dungeon Clear" message to the middle of the screen
  • Added community related functions to the character menu
  • Added function to show the level and EXP of the pet equipped in the extended pet slot
  • Added a system message to show which user holds "Saint's Forcecalibur"
  • Added Astral Bike extraction and option scrolls
  • Added FX to sub/inactivated Magic weapon +15


  • Changed tool tip design
  • Changed some quest rewards

    • Mission: Forgotten Temple B1F
    • Mission: Mutant Forest
    • Mission: Pontus Ferrum

  • Changed the Title UI
  • Changed some monster sounds

    • Weakened LiD: Weakened Ballu
    • Chaos Arena Level 6: Chaotic Nadiel, Chaotic Ariyak, Chaotic Ispita
    • Lava Hellfire: Lava Elemental

  • Changed some armour set options
  • Blended Rune multi-effects are now possible

    • Current: Only one Blended Rune can be applied
    • Change: If the correct condition is met the effect can multi-applied

  • Changed the message of Alz received from the Auction House
  • Changed the item selling check UI window
  • Changed the stackable number of items
  • Changed and improved the mailing system
  • Changed so that when 'Back' is pressed in the Character select the user will move back to the server selection screen.
  • Removed 'Pet Retrain' button
  • Changed to show normal EXP and bonus EXP separately if there is Bonus EXP
  • Changed the arrangement of the Character menu
  • Bike attribute addition method changed

    • Changed the method of acquiring slotted bikes
    • Changed bike option grade to be higher
    • Added Epic Bike crafting

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