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A tool that will hunt down and remove from your machine spyware/adware

Spy Hunter detects and removes spyware
of different kinds from your computer. Spyware is a relatively new kind
of threat that common anti-virus applications do not yet cover.

If you are seeing things like excessive popups, new toolbars in your
Internet Explorer that you didn't intentionally install, if your browser
crashes, or if you browser start page has changed without your knowing,
you most probably have spyware.

Here are some key features of "SpyHunter":

SpyHunter Scanner:
· SpyHunter has been carefully engineered to be powerful and complete
enough for the most demanding technical professional, yet simple enough
for a first-time computer user to safely and effectively utilize. With
just a simple click, SpyHunter Scanner will scan your computer’s memory,
registry, cookies, and files. Items found to be infected will then be
listed for you.
· To find out more information about a specific object, merely select
it. When you are ready to remove any infected files, all you have to do
is check the box next to the item and hit the “Start Remove” button. All
objects that you remove are then placed in SpyHunter’s quarantine area.
Simple as that!

System Guards:
· SpyHunter features an improved System Guards feature that integrates
several proactive protection elements into one integrated panel.
SpyHunter’s new System Guards automatically blocks malicious process
from executing and running on your system. System Guards incorporates
guards against Active X control, Registry protection and Process
control. Each of these built-in functions provides computer users with
automated parasite blocking capabilities.
· The System Guards Process feature is designed to give you complete
control over which processes are authorized to run on your system and
allow you to identify and stop malicious processes before they are
executed. Using System Guard, you are able to allow certain processes to
run, while blocking those do might feel are malicious or unnecessary. A
list of processes is available to you to edit as you see fit.

Spyware HelpDesk:
· New to SpyHunter, is the Spyware HelpDesk, a unique and highly
effective interface through which you can contact our support department
to solve any malware related issues for absolutely free! The Spyware
HelpDesk consists of two separate sub-systems: the SpyHunter Support
Ticket System, and the Custom Fix System.
· If you experience any issues with SpyHunter whatsoever, or have any
questions, comments or suggestions related to SpyHunter, we strongly
encourage you to utilize the SpyHunter Support Ticket System. If
SpyHunter is unable to remove an infection from your computer, our
technical support department will be happy to generate a customized fix
for you, which can be run through SpyHunter to eradicate any infections
lurking on your system. Please note, however, that these services are
only available with the FULL version of SpyHunter.

Custom Scan:
· SpyHunter includes a new feature called Custom Scan. Custom Scan
allows you to save time by limiting your scan to specific sections of
your computer. With SpyHunter’s Custom Scan, you will be able to select
the following scan types: Memory, Registry, Cookies, Files or Rootkits.
· A Custom Scan may only take a fraction of the time than a Full Scan
would require. Even though a Custom Scan may not catch some residuals,
it is an excellent choice for occasional system scans when you are
trying to save time.

· Included as part of SpyHunter’s new scan functions, is an easy and
convenient Backup feature that allows you to restore backed up objects
using the rollback feature. In the event that an object is removed by
SpyHunter, you can choose to restore the object using the built-in
rollback feature. The selected object will be restored to its original
location as if it was never removed by SpyHunter.

· New to SpyHunter is an Exclusions Panel. The Exclusions feature in
SpyHunter allows you to select objects that you wish to exclude from
detection in future SpyHunter system scans. In some cases, SpyHunter may
detect programs that you do not desire to remove. In this case, the
exclusions panel will allow you to exclude individual programs from
being identified. Once selected, the programs selected in the exclusions
list will not be included or detected in any future scan processes.
· When you are ready to add an item to the Exclusions list, it is very
easy to do, simply right-click on a detected item in the SpyHunter
Scanner results and select “Add to Exclusions”. Removal of an item in
the exclusions list is just as easy, simply select the checkbox next to
the item that you wish to remove and then click the “Remove” button.

General Settings:
SpyHunter’s new Settings panel was designed with you in mind. The
General Settings panel offers several ways to customize the operation of
SpyHunter for a more personalized experience, as well as giving you
activation instructions in order to register for the full version of
SpyHunter. Along with this, the following General Settings can be
modified through the Options panel:

· Automatically check for updates – SpyHunter will automatically contact
the Enigma Software Group servers to check for the availability of new
program and definitions updates each time it starts.
· Automatically download and install definition updates – SpyHunter will
automatically download and install any available definition file
· Start SpyHunter Security Suite on Boot – SpyHunter will be configured to automatically load each time you boot your computer.
· Start SpyHunter Scan on Boot – SpyHunter will automatically start and
begin scanning your machine each time you boot your computer.
· Minimize Security Suite on startup – SpyHunter will start minimized,
visible only as a taskbar icon. SpyHunter’s real-time protection
features will still operate at full capacity.
· Prompt if any important windows components are disabled – SpyHunter
will monitor your Windows settings and prompt you if a process attempts
to disable the task manager or other important Windows components.
· Prompt if web content is used on desktop – SpyHunter will monitor
Windows settings and prompt you if active web content is being used on
your desktop.

Network Sentry:
· SpyHunter’s Network Sentry is included within the Settings panel area.
The Network Sentry is designed to give you complete control over your
system networking settings, and to prevent malicious objects from
modifying and disrupting your Internet connection. In addition to HOSTS
file protection, SpyHunter also offers an option to protect other
Windows system files from unauthorized modification. These can be
manually selected by the user, offering you a lot more control over what
you wish to keep safe.
· SpyHunter also contains advanced functionality designed to prevent
malware from hijacking your desired Internet Explorer homepage. Lastly,
SpyHunter can be configured to monitor your DNS servers and notify you
if an unsolicited modification takes place. This prevents tricky Trojan
and malware organizations from redirecting you to a phishing or malware

Scan Scheduler:
· SpyHunter’s Scan Scheduler can be setup and easily configured through
the Scan Scheduler area under the Settings panel. The advanced Scan
Scheduler feature allows you to run a complete SpyHunter scan at a
pre-set time, even if you are away from your computer. Easy to access
and use, the Scan Scheduler allows you to pre-set the scan time at
daily, weekly and monthly intervals.
· If you opt for the daily scan, you can choose to run the scan every
day, every other day, every weekday, or at any interval of days that you
choose. If you choose the weekly scan, you will be able to select the
day of the week that your scan will be scheduled for and for the monthly
scan, select the day of the month that your scan will be scheduled for.
Please note that your computer must be powered on at the time that your
scan is scheduled to run. If the computer is not turned on, the scan
cannot execute!

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