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Training Manager 2012 Enterprise Edition

Track your training records, requirements and compliance

Training Manager Standard Edition 2012 is a comprehensive software for easily tracking your training records.

Print personnel transcripts and status reports. Assign training to an
individual, group, or job role. Require retraining based on time,
version, or one time only.

Schedule and manage class sessions, attendance, cancellations, and
no-shows. Training Manager is easy to use and you can get started

Here are some key features of "Training Manager Standard Edition 2012":

· Track training records and status company-wide, or drill into individual training status.
· Assign required training by individual, job function, or group.
· Require retraining based on calendar time, course version, or one time only.
· Schedule and manage class sessions and student enrollments.
· Record attendance, training completion, and cancellations.
· Record training credits, training hours, and assessment scores.
· Print status reports to demonstrate training compliance.
· Print employee transcripts.
· Print employee training plans.
· Save file attachments associated with the records.
· Import master course and personnel data.
· Export data and reports to various formats.
· Send class session reminders by email using your default email client such as MS Outlook

· .NET Framework 2.0
· 10 MB HDD space
· 200 MHz CPU

DOWNLOAD | Training Manager 2012 Enterprise Edition v1.0.1164.0

RAR Password(if needed):

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