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USB Safely Remove

USB device manager, a must have tool for active USB user

USB Safely Remove is a USB device manager.

USB Safely Remove saves time and extends user abilities on active work with flash-drives, portable drives, card readers and and other gadgets.

USB Safely Remove gives a handy safe removal, devoids of
annoyances of the native Windows tool, displays what programs prevent
stopping a device, hides drives of empty card reader slots, allows to
return a stopped devices back and has many other features for
comfortable work with hot-plug devices (USB, SATA, Firewire, PCMCIA).

Here are some key features of "USB Safely Remove":

· Safely remove in one click!
· Displaying processes which are preventing USB device from being stopped
· Powerful command line support
· 3 methods to stop devices.
· Automatically assigning hotkeys.
· Forbidding stopping any device.
· Customizable names and descriptions for devices.
· Notifications about connecting/disconnecting devices with the help of a balloon tooltip.
· Playing sounds or running external programs when devices are connecteddisconnected.
· Restricting access to the features of the program with a password.
· Loading custom images for devices
· Ability to operate SATA drives

· 10 MB RAM
· 10 MB HDD space
· USB support

What's New in This Release:

Device menu default skin improved:
· Did some minor changes to make it looking more attractive, especially in Windows 7

· Close button is added to our balloon notifications
· Choose device icon dialog became resizeable

Bug fixes:
· Devices connected to external USB hubs might get duplicated in the device menu
· Sometimes a service connection error displayed on Windows startup
· An awkward message was displayed when you attempt to load an image with unsupported format to assign to the device
· The system tray icon might not display even if there are devices to be stopped
· Autorun feature. The %PhysicalDeviceName% command line now contains a
correct value (thus allowing you to operate e.g. TrueCrypted partitions)
· Icons in the main program menu were accidentally removed in the previous version
· There was no notification on card reader memory card disconnection

DOWNLOAD | USB Safely Remove v5.0.1.1164

RAR Password(if needed):

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