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Maw1 New update on the ITS! [2011-06-09] on Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:08 pm

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This is the latest article from The Tester's Blog of CABAL EU.

I have written these lines many times before, and yet I still get that excitement every time I do this.

Yes, it is (finally!) here! At long last, the long-awaited,
long-expected next update for CABAL Online is on the test server. All
patches have been applied, the coffee brewed, the hamsters fed, and the
motivation whip has been readied. This is shaping up to a be a really
good one, in my opinion.

We are also on a very, very tight deadline to get everything ready. We
are most assuredly not talking about months here, very far from it in
fact. I know there is a lot of information about this update already
floating around the forum, and it seems to be semi-accurate for the
most. Enough, I hope, that this update is not going to be a complete
surprise for most of you reading this.

I will not go into too much detail with this blog post, as I prefer to
create more detailed posts dedicated to specific topics and questions
later on. I will give you a quick run-through of the major additions
though, in no particular order.

  • SP dice and Dungeon Points (DP): Good, solid additions.
  • New Armour and Epaulet: The epaulet is better than an +8 one. Enough said.
  • New Dungeon: Excellent dungeon, for sure. Hard as well, and with a brand-new game mechanic in place. I like it.
  • Fade-step to cursor: I do not think it has been mentioned, but it
    is fun, and I think it will have a big impact for so small a change.
  • Resizing the UI: You can now pick from different sizes for the entire UI.
  • Re-entering a solo dungeon after DC: I do not think anyone can object to this.
  • New force core upgrade system: This one will need some explanation later, I think.
  • Class-restricted armour: Same as the above.
  • New names for Epic items: I am not a fan of the names (yet) but I guess they will grow on me.
  • New ‘Named’ Mobs on the lower maps: These are loads of fun, and
    will be great for the lowest level players. They have an interesting
    drop system in place for these. I might dedicate a paragraph or two to
    them in a later blog.
  • Bike upgrades: Not bad either. Especially since the bike upgrade
    kits go up to Highest, and you only need Medium upgrades kits for an
    RW3... Some promise for the future ;-)

OK, there is more than that, but I think that list should give you
some idea of the scale of this update. It is going to be a good one. I
know where I will be spending almost all my time for the next couple of

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