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Windows 7 Genuine Tool

The program can activate all Windows 7 Versions.

Extract RAR file and double click "install_w7ldr.exe", wait for a minute to activate. Finally, press any key to reboot your OS

DOWNLOAD | Windows 7 Genuine Tool

Activate all Windows 7 Versions Genuinely!

For Non-Legit/Not Genuine/Crack OS

Daz Loader Instruction:

1. Open Daz Loader
1. Click "Uninstall".
2. Reboot PC.
3. Click "Install".

NOTE: You should check Windows Update and search for an update called KB971033, then uninstall it and restart the computer, and then try to install the Loader again, and restart the computer.

DOWNLOAD | Windows 7 Loader 2.1.2 by Daz

The safe and easy way to activate Windows!

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