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x301 Winstep Xtreme 12.2 ★☆★ on Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:04 am

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Winstep Xtreme

A multi-level dock system that enables you to launch your applications on the spot

Nexus will help you with super fast access
to your most frequently used applications, with flexible options
allowing it to dock or float anywhere on the screen, providing a myriad
of "on demand" possibilities.

From it's generous use of situational sensitive context menus to it's
advanced Drag & Drop support, Nexus is not only easy to use - it's a

A superb collection of utilities and desktop enhancements, Winstep Xtreme will change the way you work with Windows forever.

Transforms your desktop
Lets you have a desktop that becomes the envy of whoever looks at it... everybody
loves a pretty face!

Organizes your Applications and Reduces Desktop Clutter
Winstep Xtreme allows you to eliminate the huge clutter from your desktop and
quickly organize the applications and documents you use more frequently.

Enhances your productivity
Puts the things you need the most at your fingertips, allowing you to work better
and faster. Your documents and applications are always just one or two clicks away.

Simplifies every aspect of your daily work
Instead of a generalist User Interface that compromises in order to accommodate
millions of users, with Xtreme you can customize the Interface so it suits you, and
the way you work.

It's FUN to use!
The more you use Winstep Xtreme, the more you'll go 'Wow, this rules!' as you
discover all it can do for you.

Here are some key features of "Winstep Nexus":

· Live icon reflections.
· Item magnification and other mouse over effects.
· Multiple special effects.
· Automatic semi-transparent background blur (Vista and Windows 7 only).
· Auto-hide and auto-collapse.
· Running programs displayed on dock.
· System tray displayed on dock.
· In-dock modules/widgets.
· Internal commands.
· Running indicators.
· Icon locking.
· Optional full right-click context menus.
· Full multi-monitor support.
· Ability to prevent maximized windows from overlapping the dock.
· Ability to respect screen space reserved by other applications.
· Supports adding virtual file system objects such as Control Panel items.
· Document thumbnails.
· Completely customizable, thousands of themes available.
· Compatible with themes for all 3rd party docks.
· Full Drag & Drop support.
· Extremely easy to use with intuitive interface.
· Configuration backup and restore.
· Multi language support.
· Includes Update Manager to look for, download, and automatically install new versions.
· Quality and performance tested.

· 500 Mhz or faster processor.
· 256 MB of RAM or more.
· 30 MB of free hard disk space or more.
· Screen resolution of 800x600 or higher.

DOWNLOAD | Winstep Xtreme 12.2

A multi-level dock system that enables you to launch your applications on the spot!

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