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x301 XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware 7.0.1 ★☆★ on Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:09 am

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XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware

Detect & Remove Spyware, Adware, Hijackers & Other Malicious Files

XoftSpy is the latest and most advanced
Spyware detection & removal application on the Internet. XoftSpy
scans your PC's registry, memory, files & folders for Spyware,
Adware, Malware, Spybots, Keyloggers, Spy Pop-ups and Unwanted Toolbars!

We provide free spyware definition updates and enhancements so that your
privacy is protected from the latest threats to hit the Internet.
XoftSpy's user-friendly interface makes it easy to identify and destroy

The backup and restore feature allows you to quickly revert back to a previous state in case a recovery is necessary.

We offer a Free Scan that will allow you to determine if you have been
infected with Spyware, Adware and othermalicious parasites. Spyware
Nuker Detects and Removes Over 9000 Parasites.

In just a few minutes you can detect andeliminate all these harmful PC
threats: Spyware, Spybot, Hijackers, Adware, Malware, Keyloggers, Worms,
Hacker Tools, PCParasites, Trojan Horses, Spy Programs, Trackware and
much more!

Here are some key features of "XoftSpySE":

· Thorough scanning of your PC, including registry, files, folders and running processes
· Removes wide variety of spyware, adware, pop-up generators, keyloggers, Trojans, hijackers and malicious code
· Frequent updates from our ever-growing database to ensure you are protected against emerging threats
· Browser Helper Object Editor that blasts away unwanted add-ons that clutter your Internet browser
· Advanced scheduling options, so you can automatically run any scan type you need, at any time you need.
· Startup Editor lets you disable unwanted programs from launching at start-up
· Fast and easy to use

· 300 Mhz processor or compatible processor
· At least 256MB Memory (RAM)
· 190 MB free hard disk space required for initial installation
· Logged on as administrator for installation
· Internet connection (during registration and product use)
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above

DOWNLOAD | XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware 7.0.1

Detect & Remove Spyware, Adware, Hijackers & Other Malicious Files!

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