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XUS Desktop Professional Edition v1.7.72

A powerful launcher for your Windows system

No more clutter on your laptop/PC desktop!
With XUS Desktop you can easily organize all your desktop shortcut
icons. Finally your desktop will look beautifully organized like it has
never been before. XUS Desktop is extremely easy to use and while it is
very thrifty on resources it permits (beside some handy power functions)
the quickest access to any location on your system and launching
multiple programs is now a breeze. The launcher is very flexible and it
can be configured/customized to suit your needs in a couple of minutes
only. Once you have tried XUS Desktop, you'll no longer want to be
without it.

A fast & easy way to launch your frequent programs.

• 1-Click to launch the program.

• Keyboard shortcuts help you save time.

• Fast & swift way to launch your frequent program.

• Easy to organize your windows desktop icons.

• Make your windows desktop clear and beautiful.

• More useful and helpful functions.

• Have 8 built-in major search engines.

• Let you fast to access your Windows system directories & Windows accessory handy tools.

• Offers a perfect solution to handle too much desktop icon's problem.

DOWNLOAD | XUS Desktop Professional Edition v1.7.72

A powerful launcher for your Windows system!

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