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Watch the weather with pleasure!

YoWindow is the new generation of weather program.

YoWindow is a fun application designed to keep you up to date with the weaher conditions in multiple locations.

Imagine a beautiful landscape, that changes along with the weather. Just
like the view from your window. The actual weather in your city is
reflected in the landscape. You will see actual cloud cover, rain, snow,
fog, even thunderstorms.

You can move in time to any day you wish. The app knows when the sun is
shining in your city and when the night is coming. You'll see stunning
sunsets the moon and the stars. The heart of YoWindow are the living
landscapes reflecting weather and time. Open YoWindow and you will love
the weather.

Here are some key features of "YoWindow":

• Real cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind, Sun, Moon, mist, thunderstorms...

• Time-scroll - see weather at any moment

• Full featured weather station

• Turn any picture into landscape or browse our collection

Temperature near Windows clock

• Get ready for surprises :-)

· Pentium 1 GHz (Recommended: Pentium 1.8GHz or greater)
· 128 MB RAM (Recommended: 256 MB RAM or greater)
· 3 MB hard drive space

What's New in This Release:

· Oriental landscape

DOWNLOAD | YoWindow Unlimited Edition 3.0 Build 61 Final

The magic of YoWindow is the living landscape that reflects actual weather!

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