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Nimi Visuals

Windows effects and customization engine, borders theming, desktop organizing

Nimi Visuals is a feature packed windows effect and customization engine for a complete customization of your system.

Windows effects engine and customization tool. It offers various
visual windows effects for such events like minimize, moving window and
other.; application illustration

Here are some key features of "Nimi Visuals":

· Is capable of checking for updates and autoupdating.

Emergency mode:
· Passive event detection is automatically enabled if any of active event detection engines fails to load.

x64 support:
· Components were tested for x64 use.

· Is capable of syncing - downloading additional content from Nimi Store.

Custom effects colors:
· Color of effects can be either system colorization or User defined.

Language localization:
· Interface language can be changed using language localizations.

· During move or resize windows interact with each other like being solid objects.

Kinetic windows:
· Windows keeps it's acceleration when being moved.

Fade windows:
· Fades windows when moved or resized.

Pixie dust:
· Windows when moved or resized leave trail of twinkling pixie dust.

Jelly windows:
· Make window deform, behave like being made from jelly - wobble it.

Edge warp:
· When moved outside screen bounds window warps to opposite screen side.

Fade inactive:
· Inactive windows fade.

Window shifting:
· On focus change, inactive windows shift move if intersecting active window.

Window jump:
· Window jumps on activation.

Focus screen:
· Screen area is darkened with highlighted active window staying in spotlight.

· Aurora lights pass through window while those fade.

Fade windows:
· Windows fade when their visibility change.

· Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0(Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 and 3.5 for GPU accelerated effects)

What's New in This Release:

· added option to change colour used by effects (by default system colorization)
· added effect window edge warp
· added window wrapper library - as to fill list of available windows on application start
· added option to visit changelog page after update
· updated changed effects numeration (requires re-toggling effects after update)
· updated/revised - kinetic effect, now it consider screen bounds and edge rebound
· updated - focus effect now it should fade out when disabled
· updated x64 library
· updated API declarations
· updated core on move or resize events
· updated thumbnail library
· removed application path adding to environment paths list
· fixed focus effect ordering issues
· fixed/revised engine icon in settings not floating to left
· updated some of locked features (for future unlock)
· other changes, fixes and updates

DOWNLOAD | Nimi Visuals 20110819

Windows effects and customization engine, borders theming, desktop organizing!

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