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mga nagdodownload, bilis bilisan niyo na, download nyo na lahat, bago
mahuli ang lahat at masuspend ulet ang account ko sa mediafire..

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Click Here!!!


9 End 2 Outs 2007(Complete)
49 Days/Pure Love 2011(Complete)
90 Days, Falling in Love Days 2006-07(Complete)


A Gentleman's Dignity 2012(Complete)
A Man's Story 2009(Complete)
Arang and the Magistrate 2012(Complete)
A Thousand Days of Promise 2011(Complete)


Baby-faced Beauty 2011(Complete)
Bad Guy 2010(Complete)
BIG 2012(Complete)
Bridal Mask 2012(Complete)


Call of the Country 2010(Complete)
Can't Lose 2011(Complete)
Capital Scandal 2007(Complete)
Cinderella Man 2009(Complete)
City Hunter 2011(Complete)
Chuno 2010(Complete)
Coffee Prince 2007(Complete) Uploaded by: ianc47
Crime Squad 2011(Complete)


Dae Mul\Big Thing 2010(Complete)
Dong Yi 2010(Complete)
Don't Worry, I'm A Ghost 2012(Complete)
Dream High 2011(Complete)
Dream High 2 2012(Complete)



Faith 2012(Complete)
Fashion King 2012(Complete)
Fermentation Family 2011-12(Complete)
Flower Boy Next Door 2013(Ongoing)
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop 2011(Complete)
Full House Take 2 2012(Complete)
Fugitive : Plan B 2010(Complete)


Ghost 2012(Complete)
God Of Study 2010(Complete)
Gourmet 2008(Complete)


Heartstrings 2011(Complete)
Hello! Miss 2007(Complete)
History of the Salaryman 2012 (Complete)
Hong Gil Dong 2008(Complete)


I am Legend 2010(Complete)
I am Sam 2007(Complete)
I Do, I Do 2012(Complete)
Iljimae 2008(Complete)
I Miss You 2012(Complete)
I Need Romance 2 2012(Complete)
Innocent Man 2012(Complete)
IRIS 2009(Complete)


Jungle Fish Season 1 2008(Complete)
Jungle Fish Season 2 2010(Complete)



Lie To Me 2011(Complete)
Love Rain 2012(Complete)
Love Story in Harvard 2004(Complete)


Mackerel Run 2007(Complete)
Man of Honor/Glory Jane 2011(Complete)
Marry Me, Mary 2010(Complete)
Me Too, Flower 2011(Complete)
Midas 2011(Complete)
My Fairy Lady/Take Care of the Young Lady 2009(Complete)
My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox/Gumiho 2010(Complete)
My Princess 2011(Complete)
Myung Wol the Spy 2011(Complete)



Operation Proposal 2012(Complete)
Ohlala Couple 2012(Complete)


Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats 2011-12(Complete)
Paradise Ranch 2011(Complete)
Personal Taste(Perfect Match) 2010(Complete)
Playful Kiss 2010(Complete)
Princess Hours(Goong) 2006(Complete)
Poseidon 2011(Complete)
Protect the Boss 2011(Complete)


Queen In-Hyun's Man 2012(Complete)


Reply 1997 2012(Complete)
Road No. 1 2010(Complete)
Romance Town 2011(Complete)
Rooftop Prince 2012(Complete)


Scent of a Woman/helena's Promise 2011(Complete)
Secret Garden 2010(Complete)
Several Question That make us Happy 2007(Complete)
Shut Up Flower Boy Band 2012(Complete)
Sign 2011(Complete)
Soul 2009(Complete)
Sungkyunkwan Scandal(My Secret Love) 2010(Complete)


Tamra, The Island 2009(Complete)
Temptation of an Angel 2009(Complete)
That Fool 2009(Complete)
The Equator Man 2012(Complete)
The Greatest Love 2011(Complete)
The King 2 Hearts 2012(Complete)
The King of Dramas 2012-13(Complete)
The Moon That Embraces the Sun 2012(Complete)
The Musical 2011(Complete)
The Princess Man 2011(Complete)
The World That they Live in 2008(Complete)
The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry 2010(Complete)
Time Between Dog and Wolf 2007(Complete)
Time Slip Dr. Jin 2012(Complete)
To the Beautiful You 2012(Complete)
Tree With Deep Roots 2011(Complete)




Warrior Baek Dong Soo 2011(Complete)
What's Up? 2011-12(Complete)
Wild Romance 2012(Complete)



You're Beautiful 2009(Complete)


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Poseidon (Complete)

Genre: Action, Drama
Category: Korean Drama
Film Date: September, 2011
Episodes: 16

Title: 포세이돈 / Poseidon
Chinese Title: 海神号/波塞冬
Also Known as: Coast Guard Investigation 9 (CGI9)
Genre: Action, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-19 to 2011-Nov-08
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama is the story of the members life savers of the coast guard.
The drama is based on the special duties of the Korean Coast Guard
officers (rescues, terrorism threats, and other special missions) and
also their obstacle in life and love. The drama takes its name from the
Poseidon Team, a special forces unit of the Marines. Using the strong
bonds of humanity as a basis, and through the challenges faced by the
protagonists and their spirit of self-sacrifice, the drama movingly
shows the significance of life and the stories of how people overcome
obstacles in life.

Kim Sun Woo, who spent his school days as a troublemaker, decides to
make a change in his life and joins the sea special attack team, which
is called Poseidon. Sun Woo works as a promising commando, but he
unexpectedly becomes entangled in an unsavory incident after 2 years. He
is demoted and is sent to a maritime police office in Gunsan city. Sun
Woo’s passion cools down and he slowly loses his vision as a maritime
policeman. Then one day, Jung Ryul, who has formed a new crime
investigation section in Incheon city, visits Sun Woo and asks him to
join the team.


Choi Si Won as Kim Sun Woo
Lee Si Young as Lee Soo Yoon
Lee Sung Jae as Kwon Jung Ryul
Han Jung Soo as Oh Min Hyuk
Jung Woon Taek as Lee Choong Shik
Kil Yong Woo as Oh Yong Gap
Jang Dong Jik as Kang Joo Min
U Know Yunho as Kang Eun Cheul
Im Ki Hyuk (임기혁) as Kim Sang Soo
Kim Tae Hyung (김태형) as Woo Hyun Tae
Jin Hee Kyung as Hyun Hye Jung
Kim Yoon Seo (김윤서) as Hong Ji Ah
Lee Dong Shin as Kwon Chang Bum
Choi Jung Woo as Han Sang Goon
Lee Byung Joon as Superintendent Gu
Son Jong Bum as Captain Oh
Park Sung Kwang (박성광) as Kim Dae Sung
Lee Sang Hoon (이상훈) as Lee Won Tak
?? as Choi Hee Gon
Kim Joon Bae (김준배) as Jung Duk Soo
Jang Won Young as Ahn Dong Chool
Park Won Sook as Uhm Hee Sook
Choi Ran as Young Ran
Kim Soo Hyun (김수현) as Kwon Ha Na
Lee Joo Shil as Cha Myung Joo
Jun Mi Sun as Park Min Jung (cameo)
Kim Sun Kyung as Go Na Kyung (cameo)
Jung Joo Ri (cameo)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kwak Ki Won
Producer: Moon Jung Kwang (문성광), Lee So Yeon
Director: Yoo Chul Yong, Oh Sang Won (오상원)
Screenwriter: Jo Kyu Won (조규원)


This Drama was original casting by Eric Moon Jeong Hyuk, Kim Kang Woo,
Kim Ok Bin and Jeon Hye Bin, but they all left after the filming of
drama was repetitively delayed since 2010, due to Bombardment of
Yeonpyeong incident and bad weather.

Episode 1 ?d91117kmzwj7i84
Episode 2 ?di9bd0zds84r4tz
Episode 3 ?qatz93oz8ffe4z6
Episode 4 ?nh9sesgz585t78m
Episode 5 ?vko5hypt5t1ld65
Episode 6 ?l22z3i32843n9d3
Episode 7 ?y9pha7jabjkyub1
Episode 8 ?nhiq9o0m2686539
Episode 9 ?52lrlat7o6d53do
Episode10 ?g724qzis2r1e5oo
Episode11 ?93vgc8xxqraxzxi
Episode12 ?7iyirymzj2td5c7
Episode13 ?0hqul2zz5ld048v
Episode14 ?6odjoxvcp6xhb5b
Episode15 ?xbj1zl95s5hdpg2
Episode16 ?bxt6hxd28622dl9

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Protect the Boss (Complete)

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Category: Korean Drama
Film Date: August, 2011
Episodes: 18


No Eun Seol finally gets a job as a secretary at a law firm after
struggling with unemployment, only to fall in love with her boss, Cha Ji
Heon, the immature youngest son of a chaebol family.


Choi Kang Hee as No Eun Seol
Ji Sung as Cha Ji Heon
Hero Jaejoong as Cha Moo Won
Wang Ji Hye as Seo Na Yoon
Lee Hee Won (이희원) as Yang Ha Young
Park Young Kyu as Chairman Cha
Cha Hwa Yun as Shin Sook Hee
Kim Young Ok as Mrs. Song
Ha Jae Sook as Lee Myung Ran
Jung Kyu Soo as No Bong Man
Kim Hyung Bum as Secretary Kim
Kim Ha Kyoon as Park Sang Moo
Lee Hee Jin
Kim Chung
Kim Seung Wook (김승욱)
Ahn Nae Sang (cameo)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Producer: Lee Sang Baek (이상백)
Director: Son Jung Hyun
Screenwriter: Kwon Ki Young (권기영)

Episode 1 ?d2ed5oag66quatc
Episode 2 ?y6igpsx3xif5xgf
Episode 3 ?1v9uq1lryq2dyfp
Episode 4 ?rcs23hafh3y91yy
Episode 5 ?qlpe45cw0wtwv03
Episode 6 ?su465rxu36137ju
Episode 7 ?r7j5tozoeijb06l
Episode 8 ?14hye7xcb16pqhe
Episode 9 ?soghljlbgjp6y1h
Episode10 ?cz9fpb01dvvofmt
Episode11 ?tdsv66mvth6rtg5
Episode12 ?p0m822s7xck000s
Episode13 ?abq4hvmx1fmi111
Episode14 ?cmtr3ra2u52rt3r
Episode15 ?nu77o0uy0h26iq0
Episode16 ?djuji2ld3g6uy5p
Episode17 ?wkmsmos0ud4jj59
Episode18 ?lq279rulqxh1gpz

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Queen Inhyun’s Man (Complete)

Title: 인현왕후의 남자 / Queen Inhyun’s Man
Chinese Title: 仁显王后的男人
Also known as: Queen and I
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Time-Travel
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2012-Apr-18 to 2012-June-07
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 23:00


A romanctic comedy drama about a classic scholar who arrives 300 years
into the modern times (year 2012) from the Chosun (year 1694) through
time warp and meets a delinquent actress.

Park Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) is a scholar who had supported the
reinstatement of Queen In Hyun when Jang Heebin’s schemes resulted in
her being deposed and replaced as King Sukjong’s queen consort. He
travels 300 years into the future of modern Seoul and meets Choi Hee Jin
(Yoo In Na), a no-name actress who is expecting a career renaissance
through her role as Queen In Hyun in a TV drama ‘New Jang Heebin’.


Ji Hyun Woo as Kim Boong Do
Yoo In Na as Choi Hee Jin
Kim Jin Woo as Han Dong Min
Ga Deuk Hi as Jo Soo Kyung
Park Young Rin as Yoon Na Jung
Jo Dal Hwan as Chun Soo
Uhm Hyo Sup as Min Ahm
Lee Kwan Hoon as Ja Soo
Jin Ye Sol as Yoon Wol
Ji Nam Hyuk (지남혁) as Han Dong
Seo Woo Jin (서우진) as King Sukjong
Kim Hae In as Queen In Hyun
Choi Woo Ri as Jang Hee Bin
Kim Won Hae as Officer Hong
Kim Kyul (김결) as Young Myung

Production Credits

Production Company: CJ E&M Corporation
Director: Kim Byung Soo
Screenwriter: Song Jae Jung

Ep.1 ?lcvaaa4d1dn1eca
Ep.2 ?xh7htt44q5a7cll
Ep.3 ?5y57h249ukb57cx
Ep.4 ?e4s6af01qvdhgnq
Ep.5 ?gaa7ql2n3c3qq0c
Ep.6 ?o7uis50l4fi473q
Ep.7 ?447m6u57zpl1mve
Ep.8 ?lle6lgawxv3cuod
Ep.9 ?uzz3l20wl3ffwzc
Ep.10 ?6uxsjjo664sr78h
Ep.11 ?trn9858c4ty207l
Ep.12 ?7p5m21rctielcex
Ep.13 ?nm68tmufv6hfw4h
Ep.14 ?a399mm9hofn14ub
Ep.15 ?rc61l0c07xsipyt
Ep.16 ?c9f065hotc0le2i

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Reply 1997(Complete)

Title: 응답하라 1997 / Reply 1997
Chinese Title: 回答1997
Also Known as: Answer to 1997 / Answer Me 1997
Genre: Sitcom
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2012-July-24 to 2012-Sep-18
Air time: Tuesday 23:00 (2 episodes back to back)


This drama will focus on the extreme fan culture that emerged in the
1990s when idol groups took center stage and K-pop was blossoming.

It tells the story of 6 former high school friends from a school in
Busan who meet again in 2012 and brings back memories to 1997 when they
were still high school students. Moving back and forth between the ’90s
and today, the story centers on the life of Sung Si Won (Jung Eun Ji),
who idolizes boyband H.O.T. and her 5 high school friends.


Main Cast

Jung Eun Ji as Sung Si Won
Seo In Guk as Yoon Yoon Je
Shin So Yool as Mo Yoo Jeong
Hoya as Kang Joon Hee
Eun Ji Won as Do Hak chan
Lee Shi Un as Bang Sung Jae

Extended Cast

Sung Dong Il as Sung Dong Il (Shi Won’s father)
- Kang Kyun Sung (강균성) as young Dong Il (ep 9)
Lee Il Hwa as Lee Il Hwa (Shi Won’s mother)
- Park Cho Rong as young Il Hwa (ep 9)
Song Jong Ho as Yoon Dae Woong (Yoon Jae’s brother)
No Ji Yeon (노지연) as Jang Dan Ji
Jung Kyung Mi (정경미) as Kyung Mi / Eun Dok Ki
Kim Sun Ah (김선아) as Sun Ah / Eun Gak Ha


Kim Gook Jin as MC of Star Date (ep 1)
Tony Ahn as himself (ep 1, 3)
Kim Ye Won (김예원) as Sung Song Joo (Shi Won’s older sister) (ep 4, 9)
Siwan as ROTC student (ep 4)
Lee Yoon Suk (이윤석) as Lee Dong Gyu (ep 5)
Kim Jong Min (김종민) as doctor (ep 5)
Shin Bong Sun (신봉선) as Busan club H.O.T. president (ep 6)
Choo Min Ki as Chu Shin Soo (ep 8 )
Kim Tae Won (김태원) as karaoke room guest (ep 8 )
Jung Myung Ok (정명옥) as karaoke room guest (ep 8 )
Jung Joo Ri as karaoke room guest (ep 8 )
Park Ji Yoon as Joon Hee’s sixth older sister (ep 8 ) / seventh older sister (ep 10)
Ryu Dam as Lee Dae Ho (ep 8 )
Yoon Bo Mi (윤보미) as young Moon Jung Mi (Yoon Jae’s mother in 1968) (ep 9)
Yang Joon Hyuk (양준혁) as Yoon Joon Hyuk (Yoon Jae’s father in 1968) (ep 9)
Son Jin Young (손진영) as young Joon Hyuk (ep 9)
Kim Ki Wook (김기욱) as cell phone store salesman (ep 9)
Yoon Hyung Bin as Eun Dok Ki’s husband (ep 10)
Yang Se Hyung (양세형) as Eun Gak Ha’s husband (ep 10)
Ahn Young Mi (안영미) as Sechs Kies fanclub president (ep 10)
Kang Yoo Mi as H.O.T. fanclub president (ep 10)
Shin Dong Yup as MC of 1998 Golden Disk Awards (ep 10)
Lee Joo Yeon as Joo Yeon (ep 14)

Production Credits

Director: Shin Won Ho (신원호)
Screenwriter: Lee Sun Hye (이선혜), Kim Ran Joo (김란주)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers
than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low
rating. ***


The last episode of this drama aired on four cable channels: tvN, OCN,
Mnet, and O’live. Therefore, the ratings was combined from these four

Ep.1 ?e428gtowgnh8381
Ep.2 ?2w4xb66ej1rebmk
Ep.3 ?4j9dit70i4c5ryv
Ep.4 ?dukcbcmp3ff9ws9
Ep.5 ?61phnq0faxogo8y
Ep.6 ?8a3uad0gk8l5141
Ep.7 ?9k91rdvqne10byk
Ep.8 ?dfkvzol6kcklsfv
Ep.9 ?8f6dhc819noaiuy
Ep.10 ?3guy70l0829sysi
Ep.11 ?tsp54x0cdyb4pf9
Ep.12 ?ysi432nazycmcnz
Ep.13 ?9ukh55vc10bxv6y
Ep.14 ?1rdywj6li8qka87
Ep.15 ?7br0hrblcvzqp8c
Ep.16 ?ea3wsp5wrnmivhj

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