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Maw1 Sex is Zero 1 and 2 mp4 format [COMPLETE] on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:28 am

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Summary: Eun Sik is 28 years old and has recently started school at the
university. He is a member of the Cha Ryu group and practices with them
daily, through painful endurance training. He meets the much younger and
gorgeous Eun Hyo, for whom he holds a completely one-sided attraction.
Eun Sik’s amazingly unlucky, and a host of embarrassing situations
happen to him. Through all of this, him and his insanely horny group of
friends help make one of the most memorable sex comedies, complete with
both hilarious and somewhat dramatic moments.
A sequel, Sex Is Zero 2, was released in December 2007, starring most of the original

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Summary: This time around, Lim Chang Jung plays ordinary college student
Eun-sik, who is dating Kyeong-ah (Song Ji-Hyo). The problem with the
relationships is that Eun-sik never goes beyond the stage of, well, a
kiss. Since Kyeong-ah is an up-and-coming swimmer, plenty of revealing
swimsuits fill up the screen, a trademark sex comedy device that
accentuates what the movie is really about. Choi Sung-kook, who played a
geeky martial art club chief in the original version, has joined the
new film project, as widely expected, playing a character named
Sung-kook (what else?) and he has succumbed to the tide of the times.
Martial arts are out of fashion; what’s hot is K-1 fighting. So he has
become chairman of the new K-1 club, and the protagonist Eun-sik belongs
securely to the club. Sung-kook, a self-styled expert on sex and
relationships, offers various tips to Eun-sik, and debut director
Je-gyun Yun goes ahead with a wide range of toilet humor and nude scenes



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