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Maw1 Detective Conan (2012 Episodes) on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:34 am

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Detective Conan (2012 Episodes)

Format: MP4
Resolution: 640x356
Language: Jap w/ Eng Subs
File Size: Max. of 35MB

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Mystery, Horror, Drama, Police

Plot Summary:
Kudo Shinichi is a seventeen year-old high school detective whom people
call the "Modern Sherlock Holmes." However, one night after a date with
his childhood sweetheart, Ran, Shinichi witnessed an illegal trade and,
caught off his guard, was knocked unconscious and fed a drug that was
supposed to kill him... but he woke up and found himself shrunken to a
seven year-old. In order to track down the men who did this to him,
Shinichi hid his identity and lived with Ran, whose father happened to
be a hopeless detective, and with that came a series of murders and
mysteries that he must solve.
NOTE: Yung mga part(s) ng kada
episode parehas lang ng file name so dapat save/move/copy but keep both
files para hindi mawala yung isa sa kanila. gaya ng nangyari sakin.
Episode 642
Episode 642 part2
Episode 643
Episode 643 part2
Episode 644
Episode 644 part2
Episode 645
Episode 645 part2
Episode 646
Episode 646 part2
Episode 647
Episode 647 part2
Episode 648
Episode 648 part2
Episode 649
Episode 649 part2
Episode 650
Episode 650 part2
Episode 651
Episode 651 part2
Episode 651 part3
Episode 652
Episode 652 part2
Episode 653
Episode 653 part2
Episode 654
Episode 654 part2
Episode 655
Episode 655 part2
Episode 656
Episode 656 part2
Episode 657
Episode 657 part2
Episode 658
Episode 658 part2
Episode 659
Episode 659 part2
Episode 660
Episode 660 part2
Episode 661
Episode 661 part2
Episode 662
Episode 662 part2
Episode 663
Episode 663 part2
Episode 664
Episode 664 part2
Episode 665
Episode 665 part2
Episode 666
Episode 666 part2
Episode 667
Episode 667 part2
Episode 668
Episode 668 part2
Episode 669
Episode 669 part2
Episode 670
Episode 670 part2
Episode 671
Episode 671 part2
Episode 672
Episode 672 part2
Episode 673
Episode 673 part2
Episode 674
Episode 674 part2
Episode 675
Episode 675 part2
Episode 676
Episode 676 part2
Episode 677
Episode 677 part2
Episode 678
Episode 679
Episode 680
--Last Episode for 2012

Sa dami nito hindi ko na sya nakacovert eh.
But starting ep 678 hanggang sa mga sumunod na updates 320x240 na fs.

thanks to sir kuchimichi sa pagpayag na ishare ko to.

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