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>>> MP-Light (Modem Protector) v1.4 <<<

Comes in two versions - Elite and EOTG version.
Tested on Tabo 2010 and Lapad 2010

This software is designed to disable incoming requests on a particular services like the ff.

1.ICMP Ping Sweeps
2.WEB UI Access
3.CWMP Auto Access
4.CLI Access

Elite Version Front GUI

Unlike other modem protectors, this Modem Protector does
not prevent you from doing the tasks you normally do, like accessing the
WEB UI or Telneting during your Modem maintenance.

Its only one way, you can access any computers on the NET like other
normal users do, downloads, watch youtube, facebook, etc... with only
one exception. all incoming requests from external hosts to your Modem
in particular to the ACL services will be DROPPED automatically.

ICMP Stealth
ICMP Ping - Outgoing Request is Allowed
- Incoming Request is Disabled
- Incoming Reply is Allowed
- Outgoing Reply is Disabled

WEB UI Access - Local Computer Allowed
- Incoming Access to the icc0/eth1 IP Disabled

CWMP BOT - Totally Denied and Blocked

CLI Access is only allowed Locally

***EOTG Versions Only
After an extensive testing, polishing and weeding out some little nuisance bug for this past few days.

Port Redirection features just like those found in port redirecting utilities like *fpipe,
what this does is, I reconfigured the modem to port forward the
accessing of your WEB UI from outside sources to my built-in Sniffer
utilizing a WinPcap wrapper to listen on a particular Port and capture
the attackers MAC and IP. Kapag gusto ka iBlank Wan ng mga Haters, you
can do the same later to his MAC, like gamitin mo pang SCAN using Mac
Scavenger. Or if you are good in Footprinting do the same sa kanyang
ginagawang balak sayo.

***Available to only selected few who paid a little courtesy to my
previous posting regarding with the MAC Edit utility(coming soon with
bug fixes in particular accessing/configuring the BM622 2010 model).

EOTG Version Front GUI

Port Sniffer Trigger Installed

Modem Access Settings

Interval Check and Modem info

Taskbar User controls

Disable MP-Light

MP-Light Icon Status info

Dotnet FX 2.0 minimum

I will not reply to PM's.

Revision: Bug Fix for BM622 Modem, it will
now save address settings properly, if you are using Lapad,
no concern. But upgrade if you want to have a perfect installer for all

Download in Mediafire MP-Light Elite version 1.4a Revision

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