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Hello friends, today i will explain share with a great method to find or detect a keylogger or any other spyware in your PC or system. As we all know nowadays keyloggers and spywares are big concern as hackers are trying their best to infect the victims to hack their accounts. Today i will teach you how to find a keylogger or Trojan or spyware
in your PC or Laptop. There are several ways to find them but using
this method you will know the exact path of the keylogger and where its
saving the log file. Also once you have the keylogger server now you can reverse engineer the server and hack the hackers account password which he used in keylogger server. Lets first start with keyloggers introduction..

Find keylogger or spywares in your PC or system

What is Keylogger and How it actually works?

Keylogger as the name suggests somethings that logs keystrokes. Yup its right, keylogger is a password hacking tool which is used to steal victims passwords, logging the keystrokes pressed by victim and also some advanced keyloggers are even used to retrieve stored confidential data. Based on internet scope keyloggers are of two types:

1. Physical Keylogger: These
keyloggers are installed if hacker has physical access to your system.
User has to install this type of keylogger manually on your PC or
system. These types of keyloggers are hard to find but i will show you
today how to find that also.

2. Remote Keylogger: Remote
keyloggers are new generation keyboard hook hacking software's which
does not require a physical access to the system that means they can be
installed remotely. These usually comes into your PC through torrents,
porn websites, hacking tools(software's like Facebook hack tool, Gmail
hack tool, Hotmail hacker) and cracks, keygens and patches. As most
users usually ignore these files as antivirus usually shows virus in
these files. So hackers exploit this loophole and attach their
keyloggers and keyboard hook programs with such things like keygens,
patches, cracks and torrents etc.

Remote keyloggers logs the data into a
file and send these logs to hackers FTP or his email. So friends, always
try to avoid above mentioned things as far as possible.

How to detect or find keylogger or any spyware in your system:

1. Download the Forensic investigation tool OPENFILESVIEW and Install it.

2. Now open openfilesview and you will
see a complete list of all processes and temporary files currently being
used by your system or PC along with their full path from which they
have been running. Here is the snapshot:

How to Find Keyloggers or Trojans in PC

3. Now in above snapshot you can
clearly identify the keylogger and system files. Check the Program name
and then check its corresponding location in full path. Also you can
verify with time at which keylogger file has been created.

4. Now we have find the location of
Keylogger or spyware. Go to that location and open the File with bintext
or any binary debugger and search for @ or ftp in that. This will help
you to get the email ID or FTP address at which keylogger is sending

You can also use Wireshark and capture
the packets for 20-30 minutes and filter ftp and smtp packets. By this
methods you can will get email and password of hacker. I will explain
this in my coming tutorials.

I hope you all found this article
helpful and get a little deeper knowledge of computer forensics. If you
like my article or have any queries please comment.

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