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Maw1 Defendos v1.0.0 [Freeware] on Wed May 01, 2013 7:19 am

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is a new small utility developed by Elite.So. I have seen many people
using several anti-virus and other tools running. So I decided to start
creating a hosts database of badware and malware. Which means a complete
list of bad websites including phishing, scam, malware and everything
else. After that I developed this, a great tool to manage it and keep it
updated. I have implemented some nice other features like system
cleanup and DropLab. So how does it work? Well it uses your hosts file
to block connections to the bad websites and hosts. That's why we can
call this tool a kernel-level protection tool. It does not require
additional services for the protection module. This tool doesn't use
much CPU power and very less Memory consuming. Note that this is not a
anti-virus replacement.

This tool is only designed for Windows 7 and 8.
It's fully compatible with Windows 8. Do not use this on Windows XP or lower.

Kernel-level protection against malware, phishing, scam sites.
Including spyware, virussus, trojans, badware, keyloggers, backdoors.
The beta database size contains 3000+ definitions. The first stable release will contain 50,000+ definitions.
- Hosts customizer, feature to customize your hosts files.
DropLab, small dialog to drop a file in for examination. The file will
be inspected by the Defendos virus engine which is based on ClamAV open
source engine.
- Cleanup function, which cleans the registry, temp files, applications crap and all un-needed files safely.
- Awesome update system, which can update the main app, Defendos definitions and the virus signatures.
- Report function to report bad websites easily.
- Amazing user interface based on reviews.

check the application carefully and report ALL bugs using the bug
reporter function. This will help to get this app bug-free! Use the
license key below to test it. This key will be active until the first
stable release.
All comments are welcome, negative comments not.

License key:

Download Link:

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