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spoken1 Driver Genius on Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:07 am

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I Love Virus
Driver Genius Pro 12 + Crack

Driver Genius Professional is a driver management tool that will find and update outdated drivers on your PC. Driver Genius Professional can also back-up and restore your drivers - particularly helpful in case of a system crash or when upgrading to a new operating system.

With just a few clicks of your mouse Driver Genius will analyze the drivers on your PC and recommend updates from a database containing over 60,000 drivers. The database contains drivers for the vast majority of hardware devices such as motherboards, video cards, sound cards, network cards, modems, monitors, mice, keyboards, digital cameras, video capture cards etc.


Step 1
Download :

Step 2
Double click the downloaded file and input the password
Password here: >>> TheAxelHack <<<
then, click! Clicca Qui (wait while generating)

Step 3
Click "Installazione" or Install/Installation... Install it, (but remember don't lunch the program yet.) click Finish...

NOTE: Its database will autopatch itself while your installing, so expect that you'll need an existing internet connection to patch Driver Genius. (this means its updating/updated before you paste the crack) so it means its always working up-to-date...

Ansaveh??? (Tagalog Version Po)
PAALALA: Ang database po nito ay autopatch (ibig sabihin po nun ay nag-a-update) kasali na po yun sa installation, so dapat na alam mo na, na ito po ay nangangailangan ng internet connection upang ma-browse ang latest patch ng software na ito. (ibig pong sabihin nun ay dapat tapos ng mag patch ang software bago natin makita ang Finish button (click to finish) at i-copy-paste ang crack) kaya po ito ay laging updated dahil kasama na sa installation ang updates....

Step 4
Click the Crack "Copy it" Click My Computer, go to Drive C: search for Program Files "Open it" then look for Driver-Soft folder, click Driver Genius folder to open it, paste or replace the original file...

Step 5
Viola!!!(Your now done) You may now run the program by double clicking its desktop icon or its shortcut on your desktop.

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