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Maw1 Tips To Improve Your Typing Speed on Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:36 am

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Typing speed is something that will improve over time and with practice. Typing is a skill that can be very awkward at first. Over time, one learns how to get more speed at typing and then will try to work on accuracy. However to get optimum typing speed and typing accuracy is the goal the typist seeks to achieve. Here are some pointers to help improve your typing speed.

Learn the correct position of fingers in the keyboard

You can improve a lot if you stop using the "one finger method". We have five fingers in each hand, and they can be used to improve the speed of your typing. Several web sites have charts with the correct position for each hand, just use them and practice even a little each day.

Visit this site:

Learn to type without looking at the keyboard

This is first step to mastering the art of typing. You can start doing this after you learn the proper position of the fingers. Using this technique you will be able to concentrate on the result on the screen, and not in where your fingers are going. This can provide a great increase in you speed.

Yes, you should not see the keyboard while you type. You should have military level of discipline. Look at the screen or the source paper. After you are familiar with the finger placements you can try this. While riding bicycle, what will you see? The road or the pedals?

Avoid correcting mistakes immediately

One of the things that decrease your speed is the urge to fix typing problems as they happen. If you get used to continue typing even if you see some mistakes you will learn faster, because you will be in continuous practice. This will also decrease your error rate, because now you will be focused on doing it right, not on fixing your typos.

Try to type faster for small periods of time

A good exercise is to try to type at maximum speed during short periods of time, even if you have a few mistakes. The goal is to increase your response time, so that you can continue typing faster even after the exercise.

When you type faster, your hands start to adapt to that speed level with time. You will make a lot of mistakes at the beginning, because you are not trained to type at high speed. However, consider this just training for your hands. When you return to normal speeds, you will see that you have improved your accuracy and speed.


Typing fast and accurately is an important skill. Using these tips regularly, you will see that your speed will improve steadily. This skill will help you to be more productive and finish your work faster than you are currently doing.

Hope it helps.

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