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Genju1 Windows KMS Activator on Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:13 am

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Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 3.4 (UPDATED)

Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2017 is activator for windows and Office that helps you to activate the all Windows and all Office Products with more reliable way. You have best chance to avail this latest offer by Microsoft windows. It has powerful capability to activate the Windows 10, Vista, 8, 8.1, 7, as well as Office 2016/2013/2010.

What’s new in v3.4
-Can Activate Windows 10 Creators Update Redstone 2
-Fixed For All Bugs.


Kms Activator can Activate
Windows 10 All Version
Windows 8.1 All Versions
Windows 8.1 Preview All Versions
Windows 8 All Versions
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Server 12 All Versions
Windows Server 08 All Versions


Mak Key Updated Every Day
KMS Server Updated Every Day
Clean Activation History
Activation Backup
Detects What Version You Have Installed On Your PC
Detects Where Is Installed Office 2016 On Your PC
View Current Key
Activation Methods 
Period of activation is 180 days and you can renew it
You can remove any previous activations
You can know informations about your activation, your window’s serial and the rest days of activation
new activation permanent add

Method 1

Install the Program first.
Run the program as administrator
Press the «Clean Activation History».
Press the «Update Server», to update Update KMS Server.
Select your type of OS.
Press the «Activation Now».
Done, Enjoy.



Uploaded by LaCe12 

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Genju2 Re: Windows KMS Activator on Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:15 am

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KMS VL ALL (AKA: KMS_VL_ALL) is a tiny and fast KMS-based offline activator released by the famous MDL forum (My Digital Life Forums). It came up with mini file size (50- kb) and ultra high success rate. But there is just one drawback – it only supports for all editions/versions of Microsoft Windows (Server) & Office products with Volume License (i.e. the VOL edition).

Commendable is that all code of KMS VL ALL is written in a batch (pure command lines) – clear, safe and stable. Its operation is very simple, no residual files. So, it stands out in many similar types of Microsoft products activators.

Support OEM/MAK/Retail activated/non-activated editions
Support activation of all VL editions of Windows & Office (32-bit, 64-bit)
Automatic identification of VL editions of Windows and Office
Offline automatic check of Windows & Office activation state
Offline automatic activation of KMS keys of Windows/Office
Also supports automatic renewal after the successful activation
No .NET Framework 4.0 installation required for Windows 7

Manual mode/No Auto-renewal Task (_Task=0); For auto-renewal task to be installed change it to _Task=1
Offline mode (_OfflineMode=1); For Online mode change it to _OfflineMode=0
Non-Debug mode (_Debug=0); For debug mode change it to _Debug=1
Custom ePIDs (_RandomLevel=0); For random ePIDs change it to _RandomLevel=1 or 2

How to use ?
For KMS Activation of Volume Licensed Products:
1. Run KMS-VL-ALL.cmd as Administrator.
2. Done.

For VL conversion of Office 2016 C2R:
1. Run Convert-Office2016C2R.cmd as Administrator.
2. Done.

Did not Work ?
Edit KMS-VL-ALL.cmd and change Debug parameter from 0 to 1, run as admin and upload the log file.

Supported Microsoft Products:
(32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows Vista All Editions
Windows 7 All Editions
Windows 8/8.1 All Editions
Windows 10 (including v1709 RS3) All Editions
Windows Server 2008/2008R2 All Editions
Windows Server 2012/2012R2 All Editions
Windows Server 2016 (Including v1709 RS3) All Editions
Office 2010 All Editions
Office 2013 All Editions
Office 2016 All Editions
Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate
Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise
Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise

Retail/OEM/MAK Genuine Activations are UNAFFECTED and Converts Notice Period/OOBE-Grace period windows to VL IF they are supported and are then activated.

Supported Retail/MAK Unactivated Editions:
Win Vista(Business/Enterprise) 7/8/8.1/10 Pro Retail/MAK and their Enterprise editions
Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2012R2/2016 Retail, MAK editions
Office 2010/2013/2016 MAK editions
Office 2016 C2R edition

7.0RC2 [2018-06-07]
- Debug log improvement 
- Use Symlinks instead of copying files into system32 directory 
- Added create task and renewal task switches as arguments
- Minor Cosmetics

7.0RC [2018-03-28]
- Modified firewall rules (Thanks to abbodi1406)
- Office product check bug fixes (Thanks to abbodi1406)
- Office 2019 Professional Plus C2R keys added (Thanks to abbodi1406)
- OneDrive for Business 2013 key added (Thanks to abbodi1406)
- SharePoint Designer 2010/2013 Retail keys removed (Thanks to abbodi1406)
- Windows Server 2016 ARM64 key added (Thanks to abbodi1406)
- Changed default to Manual mode due to popular vote
- Fixed VS correct OS detection bug (Thanks to asfomp)
- replaced xcopy with robocopy (Thanks to rpo), but kept DEL lines for now, as Manual Users do not require them, need to think about merits and demerits of this.
- Minor Cosmetics

7.0 beta [2018-01-25]
- Added self-debugging mode; can be triggered by changing set /a _Debug=0 to 1 (or any no.)
- Set the interval periods to maximum (to lower the renew error log events)
- Shortened "Check if Office products are ACTUALLY installed"
- :OfficeDetect is added above :VisualStudio
- Added "Define installed Edition for Windows 10 -1607- or later" instead of the old one, since the Edition combination began in build 14393
- Vista's slwmi.mof doesn't support SetKeyManagementServicePort call; so set the port to default 1688
- In W10 preview 17063, ServerRdsh edition (Windows 10 Remote Server) is added to the Pro edition combination
and CoreSingleLanguage is added to Core
so all the 3 are added to "Ugly hack for combined editions" section
- Moved the section (along with if not defined _Edition) after checking Office based on _ProductName
- Shortened Office SKU-IDs checking (thanks to @NormieLyfe)
- Clear variable added to avoid conflict if multiple Visual Studio versions are installed
- && and || don't work inside nested conditional check, so made it safe
- Added verbose error code if activation failed
- Minor changes

PASS: lace12

Uploaded by LaCe12
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Genju3 Re: Windows KMS Activator on Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:16 am

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About the Activator:

AMT Emulator (AMTEmu for short) is a software protection emulator (i.e.: universal crack patcher) made by PainteR from Russia, specially designed to remove the authorization mechanism of Adobe all products – a universal cracking method.

PainteR’s another Universal Adobe Patcher you must be very familiar with – in a similar way, which can do the same thing with AMT Emulator. Nevertheless, AMT Emulator implements all necessary class functions required by the Adobe applications’ activation and unlocking function. Again, it is optimized based on the local API and comes with the best performance. Therefore, the whole protection mechanism will be replaced by a 70 KB size of DLL file – amtlib.dll. In a word, AMT Emulator can help you quickly activate and unlock all Adobe software with ease.

Through actual tests by our visitors, although Universal Adobe Patcher has not yet release its new version, it is still working all right for most products of Adobe Creative Cloud 2018. The reason is simple – the cracking method is the same – replacing the ‘amtlib.dll‘ file.

Key Features

It does not require AAM/OOBE (Adobe Application Manager)
It does not perform a background license check while the user is saving files/using menus/any other operation in Adobe apps
It all possible features will become available in all installed Adobe apps
It does not require Administrator’s right/elevation to run the app and does not require any kind of registration in the operating system
It does not create/modify/update the Adobe application database, so it will not be used by the emulator at all
It does not send statistics to Adobe
It does create license labels and license cache
It bypasses all regional limitations
It disables all kind of tracking (logging) for all apps

// Supported Adobe Products //

Adobe CC 2018 all products (32/64-bit) (TESTED)
Adobe CC All Version all products (32/64-bit)
Adobe Acrobat DC
Adobe Acrobat XI
Adobe Acrobat X
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Audition CC
Adobe Audition CS6
Adobe Audition CS5.5
Adobe Character Animator
Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Adobe Flash CC
Adobe Flash CS6
Adobe Flash CS5.5
Adobe Flash CS5
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS5.5
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe InCopy CC
Adobe InCopy CS6
Adobe InCopy CS5.5
Adobe InCopy CS5
Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe InDesign CS6
Adobe InDesign CS5.5
Adobe InDesign CS5
Adobe Media Encoder CC
Adobe Muse CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Pre-release
Adobe Photoshop CS5.5
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Pre-release
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Prelude CC
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
… and more (need amtlib.dll file)


Uploaded by LaCe12
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Genju4 Re: Windows KMS Activator on Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:17 am

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Guys ito activator ito para sa akin may pinakaeffective mas malakas pa yan kaysa sa kmspico na outdated na!

So ishare ko dyan dito kahit ito may repost eh hindi man updated yung iba o di kaya di mashare sa fb group ang link 

About this app:

Microsoft Toolkit is a set of tools and functions or it is like a activator for managing licensing, deploying, and activating Microsoft Office and Windows including 7/8/8.1/10.All functions are run in the background and the GUI is disabled to prevent running multiple functions, as they could conflict or cause damage if run concurrently. All output from these functions is displayed in the Information Console. The Microsoft Office Setup Customization Functions (Customize Setup Tab), AutoKMS Uninstaller (if AutoKMS is installed), AutoRearm Uninstaller (if AutoRearm is installed), Office Uninstaller and Product Key Checker work even if Microsoft Office or Windows is not installed/supported.


-Two in one activation
-Two in one is one tool do two work which is activate MS windows 8.1 and MS office.
-Offline and Online activator modules.
-Lifetime activation
-64-bit system support
-Any windows and MS office version support
-100% clean and virus free
-Auto KMS and EZ activator modules

How to Use ?

For Windows Activation :

Click on windows icon
Now click on activation and than EZ-Activator
Now after that wait for a few seconds; till the successful message appears on toolkit screen
That’s it; your product been successfully activated

For Office Activation :

Click on office icon
Now click on activation and than EZ-Activator
Now after that wait for a few seconds; till the successful message appears on toolkit screen
That’s it; your product been successfully activated


-Updated Windows 10 Key Checker for RS4
-Updated Windows 10 Version Detection for EZ-Activator

-Support KMS Keys for Project and Visio 2016 C2R-P.
-Updated KMS Keys

-Added Windows Server 2016 Azure Core KMS Key.
-Fixed invalid KMS PID Generation on Windows 10/Server 2016.
-Updated WinDivert Driver.

-Fixed EZ-Activator attempting to install Enterprise LTSB 2015 keys on Enterprise LTSB 2016.

-Added Windows Build Number to the Main Windows Tab.
-EZ-Activator installs the KMS Key for the Windows SKU you initially installed on Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
-EZ-Activator skips Windows if already permanently activated.
-Support for checking Microsoft Office 2016 Online Server keys.
-Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
-Support for Windows 10 LTSB 2016.
-Support for Windows Server 2016.
-Updated 3rd Party Libraries.
-Updated TAP Drivers

2.6 BETA 5
-Added Mondo KMS Client Keys.
-Changed AutoKMS to be less likely to crash due to different Date/Time formats.

2.6 BETA 4
-Fix crash due to previous Click To Run Installations.
-Handle invalid Office setup (Click To Run).

2.6 BETA 3
-Fixed some detection issues on Office x64.

2.6 BETA 2
-Office 2016 Click To Run Partial Support (If Converted to VL).
-Office 2016 Traditional Full Support.
-Fixed removing of Trial/Grace Product Keys via EZ-Activator.
-License Backup will no longer save Registration.reg files.
-Main Office Tab will indicate "Traditional" vs "Click To Run" Office install type.
-Office Uninstaller removes Office 2016 and Click To Run, as well as Office 365 editions.
-Updated Task Scheduler Library.

2.6 BETA 1
-Office 2016 Support (WARNING: Preliminary - Assumed to work, but may fail if unexpected changes/assumptions about Office install are introduced by Office 2016 RTM).
-Windows 10 Support.
-Added Licensing State message "Store License". Occurs when getting the free permanent Windows 10 Upgrade.
-Disable KMS Online Ticket Validation (Windows 8.1+) when activating
-Disable Windows Vista Rearm Count (OS doesn't support it)
-Fixed Backup of Windows Vista due to lack of cache.dat
-Fixed KMS Server Service crash on XP due to corrupt HWID
-Improved TAP Drivers
-Improved WinDivert Uninstall
-Remove Trial and Grace Keys when using EZ-Activator.
-Support for KMS PID with 5 Digit Build Number (EX: 10240).

-AutoKMS enables the Windows Event Log Service if it is disabled.
-Changed TAP Adapter drivers for Windows 10 support.
-Moved WinDivert folder to reduce delete errors.
-Preliminary Windows 10 Tech Preview Support.
-Reworked Windows Version detection.
-Updated TaskScheduler Library.

-Added Label to show Microsoft Office Setup Version and Architecture on Customize Setup tab.
-Added more checks to Add Languages and do better filtering of Language Packs.
-AutoKMS no longer attempts activation/displays error when there are no KMS keys installed.
-AutoKMS skips running if a BSOD occurred within 30 minutes of the last Scheduled Task run.
-Fixed Customize Setup failing if file extensions were not lowercase.
-Scheduled Tasks now retain their last run date.
-Updated TAP Driver.

-Added Channel Switching of Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 pure edition (SP1 not in Updates folder).
-Allow AutoKMS to use EZ-Activator routines using command-line parameters (AutoKMS.exe /EZActivator).
-Fixed Show CMID not working due to being located in 1 of 2 different WMI SPP providers depending on OS.
-Fixed Show Unlicensed display never showing if you have no keys installed.
-Improved Channel Switcher unsupported detection.

-Added ability to specify KMS Hardware ID.
-Added KMSPID option to reuse the last KMSPID from KMS Activation.
-AutoKMS gives messages about what type of KMS Server it is connecting to.
-Can install AutoKMS alongside KMS Server Service to be able to use it for LocalHost KMS Activation.
-Disabled DefaultKMSPID as a valid option for KMS Server Service (please change it to RandomKMSPID if you have it set to DefaultKMSPID)
-Fixed KMS Server Service Installer arithmetic overflow by changing the way Service Handles were compared to NULL
-If KMS activation fails twice with DLL Injection, kill KMS Connection Broker with each further attempt
-KMSPID options (not for KMS Server Service) set to ReuseKMSPID by default.
-Use DLL Injection is now the default LocalHost Bypass method

PASS: lace12

Uploaded by LaCe12
Salamat sa pagdownload ito
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Genju5 Re: Windows KMS Activator on Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:19 am

  • Moderator
Important: If you like MS Windows and MS Office please buy legal and original
this program help to test this products, but recommend you buy legal from creators (M$ Corp).
I did this for fun, and now I am done with this. 
Working in W8.1 and Office 2013 fresh install and VOLUME LICENSE editions.
Ja mata ne, Farewell, Hejdå, Ciao, Aloha, Zegnaj, Doei

Installer Version:

0. Uninstall any previous version, run first: UnInstall_Service.cmd with admin rights.
1. Run KMSpico_setup.exe
2. Install it.
3. Done.

For Portable Version:

•Run “AutoPico.exe”
•It’ll Automatically Activate Windows and Office (If installed)
•Done, Enjoy

Based off of open source code KMSEmulator of mikmik38, qad, cynecx, Alphawaves, jm287, HotBird64, zm0d, CODYQX4.

Recommendations Optional:

- Make exceptions in anti-virus or Defender to Directory and files in 
%ProgramFiles%\KMSpico\KMSELDI.exe, Service_KMS.exe, Autopico.exe 
also for W10P/W8.1/2012R the files %WinDir%\SECOH-QAD.exe.

- In case of troubles check the log files inside "logs" folder.
- Use Volume Licensed products.

How this program works?, it does the next task automatically::

1. Install KMSpico in Windows.
1.1 Create short-cuts for KMSpico
2. Run automatically KMSELDI.
2.1 Make Tokens Backup.
2.2 Detect VL or Retail and depending of the License Status activate or convert to VL.
2.3 Activate for 180 days all VL products found.
3. Install a windows service that reactive every windows start, resetting the 180 days count.

+ L E G A L +

First of all you should know that I do NOT release these cracks
so that you "the end-user" can benefit from it in the term of
using software or any other of these releases without buying
the required licenses. heldigard however believe that everyone
should have the option to test and backup their program and be
able to run it without any problems.

Further I do NOT in any way condone the spreading of this
crack, in other words I do NOT spread the releases to any
websites, P2P networks or any other public available location
and I urge that this releases should not be spread like that
at all.

I -heldigard- has nothing to do with the distribution of these
cracks, it is all done by third parties. As such, and
according to the laws where the individuals of heldigard reside,
it is not my responsibility what others decides to do with
these releases. However, let it be said quite clearly;

"I DO NOT in any way condone the selling or redistribution
of these cracks, this was NEVER my intention."

heldigard does NOT take any responsibility of computer-loss
or any data-errors that may occur from using these cracks.
Keep in mind that you are using a third party solution to
something we did not develop in the first place.

Do note that the usage of these cracks are legal in most
countries outside the United States, IF and ONLY IF you own a
full copy of the program - then you may use these cracks
for backup purposes, and only that. It remains to be seen how
affected you are of the End User License Agreements (EULAs).
They can't supersede domestic laws, remember that.

According to the "DMCA ACT" in the Unites States, you have no
rights to circumvent a copy protection. Beware, they will
punish you harder than if you stole the shrinkwrapped software
in a mall. Though heldigard's base of operation does not reside
in the Unites States, and thus I am NOT bound to the
US legislations like:

* No Electronic Theft Act
* Digital Millenium Copyright Act
* The Patriot Act
* "other US legislations"

You should ALWAYS buy the software that you do use, or find
suitable Open Source replacements (as there are loads), I do!

By using these cracks you automatically agree
to the written agreement above, and thus the responsibility
regarding whatever you are affected by any EULAs is
with YOU and YOU only.

+ G R E E T S +

nsane forums .com


0. Windows Update
Q: Can I install the updates after using this application?
A: Until now yes.

1. SmartScreen
Q: The smart-screen is Gray!, god save all of us, kmspico broke my OS!.
A: If you are enough fool to use SmartScreen, then EnableSmartScreen the reg file in scripts folder.

2. Permanent Activation
Q: It is this permanent?
A: Until now for Windows 6,7,8,8.1,10 it will automatic reactivate it often, so yes.

3. Pro WMC/Core
Q: It only activate for 30 days or 45 days?
A: It is not possible in real kms activate a ProWMC/Core, but thanks to the emulator is possible activate it for 30 days in W8 and 45 days for W8.1

4. Virus:
Q:My anti-virus alert like crazy!
A:If you downloaded the file from another location, we don't know what other people do with the file. The file here only has false positives.

5. On-line/Off-line:
Q: I need internet connection?
A: No.

6. Evaluation Edition
Q: I can't activate Windows 8.1 only Office, HELP!!!
I'm having problems with activating windows.
The log:

20:13:26:322 Installing Key: -9D6T9 
20:13:26:403 Error: C004E016 InstallProductKey 
20:13:26:562 Error: C004F013 RefreshLicenseStatus 
20:13:26:917 Found Windows Products: 1 
20:13:26:919 Name: Windows(R), Professional edition
Description: Windows(R) Operating System, RETAIL channel
GracePeriodRemaining: 0
LicenseStatus: 0
PartialProductKey: 9Y92F
GenuineStatus: 1

A: If you are using an evaluation version, then install a fresh RTM edition.

7. Firewall AV
Q: Does not Work!!!
A: Some anti-virus block the applications, give the respective exceptions.

8. Hack-activators
Q: Nothing Work!!!
A: Do a fresh install.

9. Watermark
Q: It activate, but the watermark is still there!
A: Reboot.

Q: I am afraid, my windows/office is genuine/legit activated. Do this application will broke my license? 
A: The application is designed to check a permanent activation either windows or office and avoid it. Older versions was buggy, but the main idea of this app is be smart and take the right choice without any intervention.

11. Log files
Q: Where are the log files of this program?
A: Program Files -> KMSpico -> logs

12.What are these?.. Encrypt/Decrypt, Install/Portable/OEM/Service ?

OEM: The normal install edition to be inserted in ISO windows edition.
Portable: to those who are paranoid and dont want leave any traces (Included in Install edition). 
Only Service: It is just the service that reactivate every 24 hours (Included in Install edition).
Encrypt/Decrypt: Small app that encrypts text. I use this to publish the link of folder.
Install: The most complete one.

Supported Products:

Windows Vista Bussines/Enterprise
Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise
Windows 8/8.1 All Edition
Windows 10 All Edition
Office 2010/2013/2016 (Include Project and Visio)
Windows Server 2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2/2016

- Requirements: .NET 4.0 or Windows 8/8.1/10/2012/2016.

NOTE: Disable any antivirus before doing this!

Naka Attach sa baba ang mga activator pati ang version 10.2.0!

Published by LaCe12

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