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About This Repacked App:

As I hope you know, Adobe Creative Cloud Master Collection does not exist in nature - Adobe never released it. But, nevertheless, it is in front of you! m0nkrus together with PainteR'om very much tried to make this package came into being. It is a collection of programs of the Creative Cloud line, united by a single installer. It looks very much like the familiar Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection. However, this package includes much more than its namesake CS6 line. And the versions of the programs themselves, mostly, fresher.

The best features in CC 2018 Master Collection:

Unlimited opportunities for creativity
Editing with the image content in Photoshop Extended. Use incredibly simple and accurate image retouching tools in Adobe Photoshop® Extended. Delete and move the selected image objects using content recognition technology to fill, patch, enlarge, or change the composition of the image - you will be shocked at the result.
Simplified 3D design in Photoshop Extended. Creating expressive 3D graphics has become easier thanks to intuitive contextual editing of the exposure right on the canvas. Drag shadows, animate 3D objects, apply a thumbnail effect to 3D objects. *
Intuitive video editing tools in Photoshop Extended. Use effective image editing tools to work with video. Process clips using the full set of familiar Photoshop tools, and then combine clips and photos with transitions, sound and effects.
Gallery of blur effects in Photoshop Extended. Easily create photographic blur effects using a simple interface and convenient image controls. Create tilt and shift effects, sharpen one focus point, and apply different blur types to multiple focus points.
Convenient creation of vector templates in Illustrator. Easily create shared vector patterns in Adobe Illustrator®. Freely experiment with different types of repeating patterns, which you can edit at any time to create the most flexible layouts.
A powerful mechanism for tracing images in Illustrator. Easily and quickly convert raster images to editable vectors thanks to the efficient tracing mechanism in Illustrator. High accuracy of lines, accuracy of adjustment and reception of reliable results - by means of simple, intuitively clear controls.
Gradients on strokes in Illustrator. Apply gradients in length, stroke width, or directly within the stroke, completely controlling the placement and transparency of the gradient.
Video editing on several cameras in Adobe Premiere Pro. Easily edit the material taken with more than 16 cameras, apply effects to several clips with the help of adjustment layers, and also start working with color correction with the help of Three-Way Color Corrector in Adobe Premiere® Pro.
Dynamic cropping on the timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro. Customize projects with the help of accurate cutting tools in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Clip the clips directly on the timeline by pressing the keys on the keyboard or in the Program monitor using the JKL shortcut keys.
Tools for image stabilization. Compensate unnecessary camera shake with the powerful Warp Stabilizer feature in Adobe After Effects® and Adobe Premiere Pro. Remove the dynamic shutter to compensate for camera tilt and shake without stabilizing the image.
Function of 3D camera tracking in After Effects. Track objects in three-dimensional space, keeping depth of field, shadows and reflections. Automatically analyze and place 3D tracking points on 2D material in the background.
Ray tracing, elongated text and shapes in After Effects. Full ray tracing, elongated text and shapes, the ability to use reflections, environment maps and other functions.
Feather for a variable-width mask in After Effects. Create a separate set of splines for more precise control of the feather mask. Create more accurate shapes, determining the softness of the feathering at any point of the edge of the mask, which opens up tremendous possibilities for creativity.
Powerful color correction in SpeedGrade. Manage color and lighting in the video using the powerful Lumetri ™ Deep Color Engine in Adobe SpeedGrade ™. Broad support for video formats, including RAW, HDR and stereoscopic formats, allows you to apply HDR-effects to the content of RAW and completed projects.
Create real masterpieces with the speed of thought
The mechanism of Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine in Photoshop Extended. Immediate display of results when using the most important editing tools, such as "plastic" and "puppet deformation". The new Mercury Graphics Engine provides the highest response speed of the application for more convenient operation. *
The Adobe Mercury Performance system in Illustrator. Accurate, fast and incredibly reliable tools allow you to work with large complex files thanks to the built-in support for 64-bit Mac OS and Windows® OS, optimizing the memory and performance of the entire system.
Global performance cache in After Effects. Perform more work in less time with 64-bit computation support. This revolutionary improvement allows you to maximize the use of computer hardware.
Awesome FTP performance in Dreamweaver. Transfer large files even faster with the specially developed FTP protocol with multithreading support in Adobe Dreamweaver®.
Built-in support for 64-bit Mac OS in Dreamweaver. Work on Mac computers even faster by optimizing the software for 64-bit Mac operating systems.
The Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro. Incredible performance of 64-bit computation of the mechanism of Adobe Mercury Playback Engine on desktop computers and laptops (additional support for GPU). Adobe Premiere Pro CC supports GPU based on OpenCL and configurations from two NVIDIA® Maximus ™ GPUs in the MacBook Pro.
A new, modern interface. Use the elegant, intuitive user interface of Photoshop Extended CC, Illustrator CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC with advanced features. Use hundreds of improved features for a more convenient and quick work.
New and improved design tools in Photoshop Extended. Create stunning designs even faster in Adobe Photoshop CC Extended due to the possibility of consistent formatting of text styles, vector layers with strokes and gradients, custom strokes, dotted lines and other elements.
Accelerated, reversible cropping of images in Photoshop Extended. Crop with the most famous Photoshop Extended tool, which supports hardware acceleration and has a modern interface that allows you to edit directly on the canvas and view the results in real time.
Linked content in InDesign. Link the content contained in one or more Adobe InDesign® documents; this will automatically apply changes to the parent text or objects to all associated child objects. Even changes to interactive elements will be applied to related content.
Content collection tools in InDesign. Remove text and objects from an existing layout using the content collection tools in InDesign. In the new layout, use the Content Placer function to add and arrange items on the page.
Effective, fast editing of video materials in Adobe Premiere Pro. Use powerful, flexible non-linear editing tools in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which allow you to create the most incredible projects. Edit almost any type of media content in the original formats - from videos taken on a mobile phone, to a format of 5K and above.
Integration After Effects and Illustrator. Instantly convert vector graphics Illustrator (formats AI and EPS) into layers of shapes After Effects. Easily animate vector graphics in 2D or create 3D objects through extrusion.
Delete the dynamic shutter in After Effects. Remove the dynamic shutter in After Effects without stabilizing the image. The dynamic shutter technology in the Warp Stabilizer tool provides precise control over the editing process.
Advanced means of tracking motion in After Effects. Handle the challenging tracking tasks with 2D motion tracking in Mocha for After Effects CC (available in English only) from Imagineer Systems Ltd., which now supports variable-width tracking masks and contains a powerful external module of Mocha figures.
Create sprites in Flash Professional. Export symbols and animation sequences from Adobe Flash® Professional to instantly create CSS sprite sheets that improve the quality and productivity of projects.
Tools for fast and accurate audio editing in Adobe Audition. Speed ​​up the audio editing process with new and improved Adobe Audition® tools. Increase the sound quality, easily combine and edit dialogs, change the pitch and speed of playback, automate the mixing processes and perform other functions.
Stretching clips in real time in Adobe Audition. Perform real-time reversible stretching of audio clips. Do a preview of the changes and settings, use visualization to get high-quality results. Easily adjust the pitch and playback speed in varispeed mode.
Real time performance in SpeedGrade. View changes in real time when creating video projects and editing footage. The Lumetri Deep Color Engine with support for 64-bit computing and the GPU acceleration feature provides optimized performance regardless of resolution and frame size.
Transfer of footage and logging in the Prelude. Effective file management in Adobe Prelude CC. The transfer of files of almost any formats and the instant creation of logs using time markers with the ability to search, used in the final processing, allows you to create ordered projects even faster.
Use Adobe Story to write scripts. Integrated tools for writing scripts and scheduling in Adobe Story allow you to speed up the process of creating video projects. Create metadata with the ability to search for quick editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Auto-save and restore in Photoshop Extended. Use the auto-save function to save changes in files of any size, without being distracted from the progress of work. Automatic recovery can always be used in the event of an unexpected program failure.
Creating projects for almost any media source
"Liquid layout" and "Alternative layout" in InDesign. Easily design and create multiple versions of the layout in one InDesign file. Apply the rules of "liquid" pages to automatically adapt the content to new alternative layouts that have a different size or orientation.
Using "rubber" layouts (Fluid Grid Layouts) for devices in Dreamweaver. Easily design and develop content for mobile devices using modern Dreamweaver CC tools, including CSS3-based layouts that dynamically scale for all screen sizes and form factors.
Support for the latest HTML5 / CSS3 standards. Use the updated industry technologies implemented in Dreamweaver CC, including CSS3 transitions for animation of changes and support for WebKit.
Support for jQuery and PhoneGap in Dreamweaver. Create expressive websites and applications for smartphones, tablet devices and desktops. Use the integrated support of jQuery Mobile and Adobe PhoneGap ™ for more efficient work on mobile applications.
Support for a variety of formats in Adobe Premiere Pro. Edit files of almost any formats in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, including DV, HDV, RED, DPX, Sony XDCAM, XDCAM 50, XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD, Panasonic P2, DVCPRO HD, AVCHD, AVC-Intra and DSLR cameras .
PDF forms in InDesign. Create form fields directly in InDesign before exporting to PDF; this allows you to design the forms in the same way as the rest of the layout elements.
Elements of the shared library in Fireworks. Create layouts and themes for iOS, Android and social networking websites using new mobile application templates, modern characters and components of the Adobe Fireworks® CC shared library.
Support for mobile platforms and devices in Flash Professional. Create content in Flash Professional that is optimized for a larger number of devices, thanks to support for Flash Player 11.2 and Adobe AIR 3.2 runtime environments, as well as support for new platforms, including Android, iOS and Adobe digital home appliances.
Mobile applications based on a single code base in Flash Builder Premium. Adobe Flash Builder® 4.6 Premium allows you to create desktop, mobile and web applications for various platforms even faster. Use a common Flex or ActionScript® code base to create applications for Android, BlackBerry® and iOS.
Integration with BusinessCatalyst. Use the integrated Adobe Business Catalyst® palette in Dreamweaver software to connect and edit Web sites created in Business Catalyst (purchased separately). Create e-commerce websites using a server solution.

Package Content:

Disc 1
Adobe Acrobat DC Professional 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe After Effects CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Animate CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Audition CC 2018 64-bit (English only)
Adobe Bridge CC 2018 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Bridge CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Character Animator CC 2018 64-bit (English only)
Adobe Dimension CC 2018 64-bit (English only)
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CC 32-bit (English only)
Adobe Extension Manager CC 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Fuse CC 2017 32-bit (English only)
Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe InCopy CC 2018 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe InCopy CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe InDesign CC 2018 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe InDesign CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Lightroom 5 32-bit (English only)
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2018 64-bit (English only)
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Muse CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Prelude CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Premiere Professional CC 2018 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Scout CC 64-bit (English only)
Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2015 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Acrobat Distiller DC 32-bit (Russian and English)
Drive 2
Adobe Audition CS6 32-bit (English only)
Adobe Encore CS6 64-bit (English only)
Adobe Fireworks CS6 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 32-bit (English only)
Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 64-bit (English only)
Adobe Flash Professional CS6 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Prelude CS6 32-bit (English only)
`Adobe Bridge CS6 32-bit (Russian and English)
`Adobe Bridge CS6 64-bit (Russian and English)
`Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS6 32-bit (English only)
`Adobe Extension Manager CS6 32-bit (Russian and English)
`Adobe Media Encoder CS6 32-bit (Russian and English)
`Adobe Media Encoder CS6 64-bit (Russian and English)
`Exchange Panel for CS6 (English Only)


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