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may naka post dito pero bakit di kasali ang keygen nito? garapal pala hehe since banned sya so di na active so dito magamit nyo ang app nito na no need comment here baya bigyan kita ng serial! NO NEED NA!!!!

About this app:

SecurityCam is a video surveillance software that monitors web camera, network camera, or microphone, and enables you to keep an eye on your properties from a local location or remote location via the Internet. The program stays out of way in system tray area and waits for a movement at the front of the camera. Once movement is detected, SecurityCam execute prespecified actions such as video recording, audio recording, taking a still photo, sending an email with photo attachements, playback a warning sound, and more.

Its configuration options allow you to establish parameters, like if the camera only starts recording when it detects movement, the video's image quality (too high and you'll consume a lot of bandwidth), how frequently the image refreshes (again, be careful if you're not running a powerful machine).

You can also configure the application to emit a sound when it detects something, alerting whoever has entered the zone that you are recording what you're seeing.

Security Cam is a useful tool that helps you keep an eye on your room or office without having to spend a lot of money on equipment

* Supports all USB video devices, all microphones, and most network video devices.
*Display up to 25 video streams at the same time.
*Motion detection with adjustable sensitivity.
*Motion and privacy masking.
*Live streaming through HTTP server.
*Schedule motion detection and live streaming.
*Trigger different actions when motion is detected.
*Save photo and video files.
*Send email with photo attachments.
*Preview in fullscreen or popup window.
*Play warning sound.

Use Latest Winrar or 7zip to prevent a error message!

Uploaded by LaCe12
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