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Genju1 InTouch Lock on Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:31 am

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InTouch Lock

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About this App:

InTouch Lock is an award-winning software to restrict access to your PC. InTouch Lock is a versatile and comprehensive security solution for home users and system administrators alike. This password-protected security utility enables you to impose a variety of access restrictions to protect your privacy and ensure that only authorized people can access sensitive information on your computer. Whether you're worried about coworkers going on the network and gaining unauthorized access to your private files, or your kids deleting or messing up your important work files, InTouch Lock is the perfect solution to your security needs.

InTouch Lock has too many features to describe here all of them. The essential features are represented below.

InTouch Lock allows you to:
Administrate access to more than 80 most important parameters of the operating system, including your Desktop, Start menu, drives, Control Panel and all its modules, and much more [ View picture ] 
Lock your private files and folders to prevent them from being copied, removed or modified 
Prevent any program from launching 
Lock out users from plugging and using (file copying, etc.) USB flash devices, removable HDDs and CD/DVD drives and recorders 
Lock CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD drives and recorders to prevent inserting disks into it 
Block cable or xDSL connection to the network 
Lock your system in one click for preventing unauthorized access to your computer and private data when you are away from the PC. [ View picture ] 
Block any windows and prevent any processes from executing on the system
Prevent users from installing new or removing existing software on the system
Block website's content: social network services, chats, message boards, blogs, torrent trackers, etc.
Restrict access to Web resources 
Set up Internet-related restrictions 
Disable system hot keys (like WINDOWS key, PRINT SCREEN key, etc.) and key combinations (like ALT+TAB, CTRL+ESC, etc.)
Quick activate and deactivate InTouch Lock protection 
Import/Export security profiles. It is extremely useful to clone restrictions between computers on the net 
Schedule a dozen different actions like shutdown of your computer, lock screen, run external programs, etc., which will be performed at the specified time, when no user activity or when Windows starts 

Powerful features:
Predefined security profiles: Child, Working place, Kiosk mode and Guest 
InTouch Lock provides the highest level of security: the program starts automatically with Windows and cannot be unloaded or uninstalled without typing the correct password. Now InTouch Lock protects Windows XP Safe Mode too. 
InTouch Lock will never fail, leaving your system unprotected - the program will always stay working even in critical situations 
All program activity are saved into the special event log file that can be viewed using built-in Event Viewer [ View picture ] 
Most restrictions are take effect immediately without restarting Windows 
Automated tasks 
Customizable hot keys support 
Stealth-mode protection support (when no InTouch Lock icon in the notification area is present) 
Multi-profile and multi-user support 
Supports the whole family of Microsoft Windows operating systems, including the newest versions such as Windows 10 
Automatic Update ensures you always have the latest verion of InTouch Lock installed 
Drag-and-drop support 
Multilingual interface 
Easy to use 
Convenient and friendly interface 


PASS: lace12

- This All File is Compressed based on 7zip 17.00 beta and later so use latest Winrar (Recommended) or 7-ZIP (Very Recommended)

Uploaded by LaCe12 for Symbianize Forum

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