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Eto na po para sa mga naghahanap ng disc updates/backups for Platinum KS-5, KS-10, KS-40 and K-BOX. Copy from original disc. 

Disc Recommended: DVD Dual Layer Disc 8.5GB
For KS10, Tested & Working using DVD 4.7GB
Maliban sa KS10, wala pa nakapagpagana ng ibang volumes sa 4.7gb disc, kaya Dual Layer Disc parin po recommended.

Note: for KS5, KS40, Kbox users, if failed using 4.7gb disc, try 8.5gb dual layer disc...

For KS-5 Junior Lite
Volume 1
Volume 2-7
Volume 8
Volume 9 (Click here) (Mirror) 3.71GB

For KS-10/KS-40/KBOX
Volume 9 (Click here) 4GB (Tested & Working on 4.7GB DVD+R)

Tips from masters:
- Ang success rate ay dumedepende din sa quality/brand ng disc and/or DVD writer.
- Mas recommended daw po gamitin ang desktop dvd drive instead of laptop dvd drive for burning. I don't know kung may kinalaman ito sa burning, ito ay tip lamang.
- Most of us ay gumagamit ng cracked/patched copy of burning software, make sure po na maayos din po ang copy.

Sa mga nakasubok na po, paki-post po burning method ginamit nyo...
Player Model:
Disc Volume:
Burning Software:
Burning settings/speed/etc:
Disc used(DVD+R 4.7GB/DVD+R DL 8.5GB/etc):


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