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Genju1 Platinum Karaoke Vol 75 on Sat Aug 25, 2018 3:59 pm

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Platinum Karaoke Disk Vol75 (Latest)
Orig copy came from T40+Kapitan
Playable on all platinum Players.

Just trying to help you make it cheaper.
*Prize in Raon Recto Php600~700

*8GB DVD+DL - Php50,00

2nd Option:

You can download it here and burn it at your own risk!

Heres the tutorial on how to burn Platinum DVD disc

1. Download first the files needed here, its splitted into 8 parts which has 700mb each.

2. Once downloaded extract it using 7zip, if you dont have 7zip search it in google.

3. After extracting the output file must be ex: PlatinumDVD_Vol75.nrg.

4. Extract again the output file ex: PlatinumDVD_Vol75.nrg.

5. Once extraction finished you'll see a folders.

4. Open Nero i only recommend this tools.

5. On Nero Burning tools
Click New-->DVD-->DVD-ROM (ISO), on the right lower box choose DVD9-8gb.

6. After creating new file, right click on your folder ang choose add files.

7. Find the folder where you put your extracted files.

8. Open those folders and choose everything inside of it.

9. There an error when you are selecting on file in View_MTV, View_3D, View_sexy etc..because they have the same name..
Ex: 1.vod
just rename it, and its important to copy because that is the background on your tv while singing.

And click burn, after clicking dont touch anything on the settings except burn section on the upper right box click that section and you'll see a write speed, set it to a lower speed and insert your disc then youre ready to burn.

* You can bought a DVD-R DL 8gb at all Sm Cyberzone see it on Octagon some Cd-r king they dont have DVD-R DL 8.5gb

* Total file size of Platinum DVD is 6.5gb

* DVD DISC for Platinum Players.
* I think its also playable on some karaoke players.
*Not Playable on regular dvd players.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Email me @


May digital songbook din naman sa Playstore yun muna gamitin ninyo habang naguuplod pa ako ng Printable na songbook.

Link thanks to Rced:

[url= en] en[/url]

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