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Sinong gustong tumulong sakin sa pag da download, pag ko convert at pag a upload ng mga K Dramas dito? If meron man just pm me and tuturuaan ko kayo kung pano... medyo busy kasi ako at para mas marami tayo K dramang panoorin... 

[size=18]Sa lahat ng mga gustong mag contribute, pm nyo muna sakin yung mga drama na a upload nyo baka mag kapares-parehas yung mga gagawin nyo.. and sa mga gustong mag update ng mga on-going dramas pm nyo lang ako, marami na kasi akong ginagawa kaya minsan minsan na lang ako makapag lalagay ng new drama.. kaya kung mas maraming tutulong mas marami tayong mapapanood and upload nyo sa MF ha..  salamat..

[size=18]Other Complete Korean Dramas

[size=18]New Korean Dramas
 <<<==== Newly Uploads

[ - Now Showing - ]

King of Ambition 2013 
Let's Get Married/Marriage Without Dating 2014
The King's Doctor 2012-13(Complete)

[ - Newly Completed Uploaded Dramas - ]

Cruel City 2013 

[ - Ongoing Dramas - ]

[ - Complete Dramas - ] 


7th Grade Civil Servant 2013(Complete) 
9 End 2 Outs 2007(Complete) 
49 Days/Pure Love 2011(Complete)
90 Days, Falling in Love Days 2006-07(Complete) 


A Gentleman's Dignity 2012(Complete) 
A Man's Story 2009(Complete) 
Arang and the Magistrate 2012(Complete) 
A Thousand Days of Promise 2011(Complete) 


Baby-faced Beauty 2011(Complete) 
Bad Guy 2010(Complete) 
Bad Guys 2014 
BIG 2012(Complete) 
Bridal Mask 2012(Complete) 


Call of the Country 2010(Complete) 
Can't Lose 2011(Complete) 
Capital Scandal 2007(Complete) 
Cheongdamdong Alice 2012-13(Complete) 
Cinderella Man 2009(Complete)
City Hunter 2011(Complete) 
Chuno 2010(Complete) 
Coffee Prince 2007(Complete) Uploaded by: ianc47
Crime Squad 2011(Complete) 


Dae Mul\Big Thing 2010(Complete) 
Dong Yi 2010(Complete) 
Don't Worry, I'm A Ghost 2012(Complete) 
Dream High 2011(Complete) 
Dream High 2 2012(Complete) 



[url= great doctor#post14407161]Faith 2012(Complete)[/url]
Fashion King 2012(Complete) 
Fermentation Family 2011-12(Complete) 
Flower Boy Next Door 2013(Complete) 
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop 2011(Complete) 
Full House Take 2 2012(Complete) 
Fugitive : Plan B 2010(Complete) 


Ghost 2012(Complete) 
God Of Study 2010(Complete) 
Gourmet 2008(Complete) 


Heartstrings 2011(Complete) 
Hello! Miss 2007(Complete) 
History of the Salaryman 2012 (Complete) 
Hong Gil Dong 2008(Complete) 
Hundred Year Inheritance(Complete)


I am Legend 2010(Complete) 
I am Sam 2007(Complete) 
I Do, I Do 2012(Complete) 
Iljimae 2008(Complete) 
I Miss You 2012(Complete) 
Incarnation of Money 2013(Complete)
I Need Romance 2 2012(Complete) 
Innocent Man 2012(Complete) 
IRIS 2009(Complete) 


Jungle Fish Season 1 2008(Complete) 
Jungle Fish Season 2 2010(Complete) 



Lie To Me 2011(Complete) 
Soft Sub(.srt)
Love Rain 2012(Complete) 
Love Story in Harvard 2004(Complete) 


Mackerel Run 2007(Complete) 
Man of Honor/Glory Jane 2011(Complete) 
Marry Me, Mary 2010(Complete) 
May Queen 2012(Complete) 
Me Too, Flower 2011(Complete) 
Midas 2011(Complete) 
Miss Ripley 2011 
My Fairy Lady/Take Care of the Young Lady 2009(Complete) 
My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox/Gumiho 2010(Complete)
My Princess 2011(Complete)
Myung Wol the Spy 2011(Complete) 



Operation Proposal 2012(Complete) 
Ohlala Couple 2012(Complete) 


Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats 2011-12(Complete) 
Paradise Ranch 2011(Complete) 
Personal Taste(Perfect Match) 2010(Complete) 
Playful Kiss 2010(Complete) 
Princess Hours(Goong) 2006(Complete) 
Poseidon 2011(Complete)
Prosecutor Princess 2010(Complete)  Uploaded by: Barbie_Doll
Protect the Boss 2011(Complete) 


Queen In-Hyun's Man 2012(Complete) 


Reply 1997 2012(Complete) 
Road No. 1 2010(Complete) 
Romance Town 2011(Complete) 
Rooftop Prince 2012(Complete) 


Scent of a Woman/helena's Promise 2011(Complete) 
School 2013 2012-13(Complete) 
Secret Garden 2010(Complete) 
Several Question That make us Happy 2007(Complete) 
Shark 2013
Shut Up Flower Boy Band 2012(Complete) 
Sign 2011(Complete) 
Soul 2009(Complete) 
Special Affairs Team TEN 2011-12(Complete) 
Sungkyunkwan Scandal(My Secret Love) 2010(Complete) 


Tamra, The Island 2009(Complete) 
Temptation of an Angel 2009(Complete) 
That Fool 2009(Complete) 
That Winter, The Wind Blows 2013(Complete)
The Equator Man 2012(Complete) 
The Greatest Love 2011(Complete) 
The King 2 Hearts 2012(Complete) 
The King of Dramas 2012-13(Complete) 
The Moon That Embraces the Sun 2012(Complete)
The Musical 2011(Complete)
The Princess Man 2011(Complete)
The World That they Live in 2008(Complete)
The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry 2010(Complete) 
The Third Hospital 2012(Complete) 
Time Between Dog and Wolf 2007(Complete) 
Time Slip Dr. Jin 2012(Complete) 
To the Beautiful You 2012(Complete) 
Tree With Deep Roots 2011(Complete)




Warrior Baek Dong Soo 2011(Complete) 
What's Up? 2011-12(Complete) 
Wild Romance 2012(Complete) 
Wish Upon a Star 2010(Complete)  Uploaded by: dhosme
Witch Yoo Hee 2006(Complete)
Who Are You 2013(Complete)  Uploaded by upupherewego



You're Beautiful 2009(Complete) 


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9 End 2 Outs (Complete)

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Category: Korean Drama
Film Date: July, 2007
Episodes: 16


The drama is about love of singles in their 30s. Hong Nan Hee is an ordinary worker at a publishing firm, she's a girl who always falls in and out of love since she was young until one day when she meets an old classmate, Byun Hyung Tae, who is a team leader of an advertising company again. Hyung Tae may seem to be a good catch in the eyes of many women but he's only a cowardly boy to Nan Hee whom he has grown up with. '9 End 2 Outs' is using the baseball theme to compare to the fates and lives of the people in love.


* Lee Jung Jin as Byun Hyung Tae
* Park Soo Ae as Hong Nan Hee
* Lee Tae Sung as Kim Jung Joo
* Hwang Ji Hyun as Yoon Sung Ah
* Lee Sang Woo as Lee Joon Mo 

Extended Cast

* Jung Da Hye as Kim Nam Jung
* Lee Doo Il as Im Nak Bin
* Jo Eun Ji as Kim Choon Hee
* Hwang Suk Jung as Jang Choo Ja
* Kim Chang Sook as Kim Shin Ja
* Jang Joon Hwi as Park Sang Hoon
* Son Jung Min as Jun Mi Kyung
* Lee Hee Do as Byun Jung Woo
* Park Hye Young as Park Ji Sun
* Im Yoon Ah as Shin Joo Young
* Yoon Ye Hee as Kyung Ha
* Park Kwang Jung as Mr Park (Advertisement team leader)
* Yoon Hye Jung 

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16

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The World That They Live In (Complete)

Genre: Romance
Category: Korean Drama
Film Date: October, 2008
Episodes: 16


This drama is about the process of a television drama producton. Jung Ji Oh is a charismatic drama PD whereas Joo Joon Young is a PD who is direct and confident.

* Hyun Bin as Jung Ji Oh (Director)
* Song Hye Kyo as Joo Joon Young (Director)
* Uhm Ki Joon as Song Gyu Ho (Director)
* Seo Hyo Rim as Jang Hae Jin (Rookie Actress) 

Extended Cast

* Kim Gab Soo as Kim Min Chul (Drama Director)
* Kim Chang Wan as Park Hyun Sup (Drama CP)
* Choi Daniel as Yang Soo Kyung (Assistant Director)
* Lee Da In as Kim Min Hee (Assistant Director)
* Pan Yoo Geol as Chul Yi (Assistant Director)
* Kim Yeo Jin as Lee Seo Woo (Drama scriptwriter)
* Bae Jong Ok as Yoon Young (Actress)
* Kim Ja Ok as Park Soo Jin (Actress)
* Yoon Yeo Jung as Oh Min Suk (Actress)
* Lee Ho Jae as (Actor)
* Jung Suk Won as Yoo Chi Han (Actor)
* Kim Young Kwang as Lee Jae Hwan (Actor)
* Lee Joon Hyuk as Lee Joon Gi (Joon Young's ex-boyfriend)
* Cha Soo Yun as Lee Yeon Hee (Ji Oh's ex-girlfriend)
* Na Moon Hee as (Ji Oh's mother)
* Na Young Hee as (Joon Young's mother)
* Yoon Jong Hwa as Song Yoo Min
* Lee Jong Goo as Manager Song
* Oh Chang Suk as Sung So Yoo
* Kim Sung Tae
* Baek Jae Jin
* Seung Kyu 

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7 pt.1
Episode 7 pt.2
Episode 7 pt.3
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10 pt.1
Episode 10 pt.2
Episode 10 pt.3
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16

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Love Story In Harvard (Complete)

Genre: Drama, Romance
Category: Korean Drama
Film Date: November, 2004
Episodes: 16


Love Story in Harvard portrays the dream and love pursued by foreign students studying in Harvard. It demonstrates bright, hard-working, and romantic characters and storylines. A young love story set at the famed Ivy League school in the United States. Kim Hyun Woo (Kim Rae Won), a 1st year law student at Harvard Law, enters into a rivalry with classmate Hong Jung Min (Lee Jung Jin) for the affections of beautiful medical student Lee Soo In (Kim Tae Hui). The two men are both from prestigious families, while Soo In is from a poor family. Can the trio resolve their romantic differences and chase their dreams at the same time?


* Kim Rae Won as Kim Hyun-woo
* Kim Tae Hee as Lee Soo-in
* Lee Jung Jin as Hong Jung-min
* Kim Min as Yoo Jin-ah
* Extended Cast
* Joo Hyun as Lee Yong-goo (Soo-in’s father)
* Kang Nam Gil as Oh Yung-jae (law professor)
* Jung Sol Hee as Han Seul-gil
* Ben Wells as Ricky Don (Jung-min's friend)
* Suh Ji Hee
* Lee Yoo Jung 

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16

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