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UNITED TEAM Accepting Request Keys, Serials, CD keys, keygens, Patches, Cracks.

Gracias amigos y amigas
hi Guys! sa mga symbianmates ntin jan na nangangailan ng Keys, CD keys,
keygens, Patches, Cracks at iba pang paraan para maging full versions or
hindi trial at hindi demo versions lng..

maaari nyo pong i-request o ihiling dito o isangguni sa nakakaalam..

Paalala lng po:

  • Dahil ito po ay Computer Zone ang maaari nyo lng pong i-request ay para lng dapat sa PC Applications or mga katulad nito..
  • Para maging maayos ang at mapanatili ang kaayusan ng thread. iminumungkahe ko po sanang sumunod o sundin ang patakaran.
  • Huwag po tayong umasa na maibibigay ang ating kahilingan, marami pong applications na nagagailangan ng bayad..
  • Patience is a Virtue - kapag humiling o nagrequest pakihintay lng po nting lumabas ang resulta.
  • Ang iyong request ay lalabas na sa loob lamang ng 48 oras o dalawang araw.
  • Huwag magmarunong. kung hindi alam ang gagawin sumangguni sa ngbigay ng iyong request. sundin ang ibinigay na instructions.
  • Pakitignan na lamang po ang huling post [Last post] para po sa inyong request.
  • Bago magrequest tignan sa Requested Table of Content kung nairequest at naibigay na ang iyong request.

    maari mong tignan ang Requested Table of Content sa post na to...


Mga maaari lng magrequest

  • Dapat miyembro ka ng symbianize [ Not yet a member? Register here ].
  • Dapat Pilipino ka, o kahit hindi basta nakakaintindi ka ng tagalog [Filipino language].
  • Dapat Kumakain ng Gulay!

Patakaran sa pagrequest : [Procedure for requesting]

  • Kailangan po nmin ang eksaktong versyon at pangalan ng application na gusto po nyong gawing full version.


    IDM-Internet Download Manager version 5.17 build 5

    Kapag hindi nman kayo sigurado o hindi nyo alam yung eksaktong pangalan
    at version maari lng pong paki post ang screenshot o larawan ng
  • Mahigpit po naming ipinagbabawal ang pagrequest ng Application installer.


  1. Hindi po kami nagpapadala ng mensahe sa inyong account nagsasaad na lumabas na ang inyong request. we were not inform you or SEND PMs informing you that your requests are already available.[kung npagdaanan na ng maraming thread ung request mo, try to find your given request] See the last post.
  2. Kung minsan isinasama nmin sa request ung installer sa kadahilanang
    hndi tugma ung version sa patch o keygen, serial etc na nirequest, at sa
    kadahilangang wala na kaming oras sa pag extract ng file upang makuha
    lamang ang keygen and etc. files..
  3. wala po kaming hinihinging kapalit o bayad sa mga naibibigay naming request..
  4. kapag naibigay ang iyong kahiling / request maari lng po sanang paki
    kompirma kung tama o nagawa nyo ng maayos ang pag crack ng isang
  5. HUWAG PO NATING KALIMUTAN ANG TUMULONG SATIN. don't forget to say thanks or hit

Mga Kinauukulan sa thread na to. Thread starter.. [ United team ]

  • boyangaZ
  • outerhaven
  • shandro
  • xatujan

Note: we're Not accepting PM's for your request.




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Legit Keys ng Norton Internet Security 2009.

Why sir hindi po ba gumana to? Norton Internet Security 2009 w/ crack

or ito try nyo po..

Norton Antivirus 2009 v16.0.0.125 w/ Trial reset crack

and the latest version keys.

Latest Antivirus Collection With Working Serial/Key

sorry sir legit kc may bayad ata..


Originally Posted by jao mamaw

pede mgrequest ng patch ng mindjet mindmanager pro v. 7. tnx

here's your serial key.

Mindjet MindManager 7.0.270


S/N: AP7M-MM1-4P55-8A36-57M4
S/N: AP7M-MM1-4P55-8A36-57M4

Mindjet MindManager Pro v7.1.394


NAME: shandro
SERIAL: MP7M-624-4P5C-6531-DEEC


mindjet mindmanager pro v7.0.429

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Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition


S/N: JH363-XT9J8-X98FY-JBG27-KXH9J






Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003




Microsoft Office 2003 Standard


microsoft office 2003 fix crack

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Autocad 2009

S/N: 653-36363636

S/N: 191-75444444

S/N: 653-12354321

S/N: 666-98989898

S/N: 666-69696969


Originally Posted by skyfish

crack o serial o registration code ba... sana meron...

sir clean po ung 2008... 2007 nlang po same din nman po cla..

Cool Resizer 2007 672 KB

keygen included na po yan..

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Kids Fun Educational Aides

Here are some Educational tools to help the kids get that extra edge in school..
These programs are a fun way to learn and should their interest. Enjoy!

Little Fingers:
Classroom Volume 1

Part one of the LittleFingers Classroom Series, this volume is
recommended for children in preschool through grade 1. The games

* ABC Order - (shown) click on the dots in ABC order to reveal the hidden picture. Covers both upper and lower case letters.
* Color With Sally - Color the pieces of the necklace according to the numbers shown.
* Jack's Jungle Game - Find similarities and differences in objects and help Jack color his jungle!
* What Belongs? - Similarities and differences in objects. Short
tutorial and two quiz sections: click on the object that doesn't belong
in the group, and match similar objects by dragging with the mouse.
* Which Flower? - Use deductive reasoning to find the correct flower.
* Sally's Necklaces - Finish the pattern of the necklaces by choosing the correct beads.

Classroom Volume 2

Part two of the LittleFingers Classroom Series, these games are
recommended for children in grade 2. Secret Phonics and Smart dots have
content editors that allow you to enter your own words or change the
user level. The games include:

* Alphabetizing - Learn how to alphabetize words with Ellie the Elephant.
* Ordinal Numbers - Pick the balloon's ordinal number between first and tenth.
* Parts of a Book - From cover to cover!
* Secret Phonics - (shown) This is just plain fun for everyone! Guess
the word by putting together the first letter of each picture. This
lesson has a content editor allowing you to enter your own set of
mystery words for game play!
* Short or Long? - Determine whether the word has a short or long vowel sound.
* Smart Dots - count by 2 to10 by connecting the dots to reveal the
hidden picture! The lesson editor lets you change the user-level for
your child at any time. Fiction or Nonfiction? - Is this book a fiction
book or a non-fiction book? This lesson shows you how to tell easily by

Classroom Volume 3

Part three of the LittleFingers Classroom Series, these games are
recommended for children in grade 3. Math Match, Spell It Right and
Place Value have content editors that allow you to enter your own
sentences and words or set the user level. The games include:

* Counting Coins - count the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies shown.
* Freddie's Fractions - an introduction to fractions using coloring and pictures.
* Homonyms - determine the correct usage of words that sound the same,
are spelled differently, and certainly mean different things!
* Marble Math Race -(shown) a two-player math skill builder using basic addition and subtraction.
* Math Match - match the sum or difference of the equations to reveal
the hidden picture. Lesson editor allows the parent or teacher to
specify addition, subtraction or a mixture of both.
* Plural Nouns - easy rules for applying the s, es, and ies endings to the plural forms of words.
* Spell It Right! - find the word that is spelled incorrectly in the
sentence and then spell it right! Add your own word list using the word
* Place Value - locate the number in the ones, tens, hundreds,
thousands, ten-thousands, hundred-thousands, or millions place. Set the
user level to include or exclude any of the above.

Classroom Volume 4

Part four of the LittleFingers Classroom Series, These games are
recommended for children in grades 4 and 5. Many games include an editor
for entering your own content. The games include:

* Averaging Numbers - learn to average numbers from word problems.
* Counting Syllables - count the vowel sounds to determine the number of
syllables in words. Word editor allows you to enter custom sets of
* Doubling Consonants - When do you double the last consonant when
adding the word endings -ing and -ed? These rules will show you!
* Fact or Opinion? - Is it a fact or an opinion? You decide. This lesson
includes an editor for entering your own fact or opinion statements.
* Problem Solving - Solve word problems with Dudley the Dancing Duck. Lesson editor allows for custom entry of word problems.
* Reading a Street Map - (shown) Find your way to the correct place on the map by following written directions.
* Terrific Terrible Trios - the correct usage of the words there, their,
and they're! These three words are commonly mis-used by elementary
students. A lesson editor lets you enter your own storyline or set of
sentences for play.
* Past, Present or Future - the rules of verb tense are reinforced in
this lesson on writing skills. Lesson editor allows you to enter your
own set of verb tense statements.

Escape From Eternity Inn

You can check in, but you can't check out of Eternity Inn unless you
outwit the innkeeper! Solve 60 puzzles and a murder mystery to escape
from the 11 room inn. Puzzles are generated at time of play, so no two
games will ever be exactly the same! The puzzles cover a variety of
subjects including math, vocabulary, spelling, foreign languages,
geography, science, social studies, abstract thinking and much, much

Fun with Charlie

Six fun and educational games for young children. The six games are:

* Cheese Hunt - Match upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.
* Parts of a Whole - Match the part shown with the object it is part of.
* What's Different? - Find the object that is different in some way.
* Memory Game - Can you remember what Charlie was wearing?
* Beginning Sounds - Click on the letter that represents the beginning sound of the object shown.
* Which one is... - Which object is bigger? Smaller? On the left? Many different directions included.

GeoGenius World

Test your knowledge of world geography with the "Quiz Me" feature of
GeoGenius World! Full-screen color maps are easy to read, and the game
is broken down into regions: Canadian Provinces, United States, Central
America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Northern Asia,
Southern Asia, and Oceania.

Little Red Wagon Town

Gain points by playing seven educational games and redeem your points for prizes! The seven games are:

* Ice Cream Shop - make ice cream sundaes by matching the ones shown.
* Hat Shop - place the hats on the shelves by following directions. Includes right, left, above, below, and between directions.
* Food Market - Match upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.
* T-shirt Shop - Make t-shirts in the t-shirt shop. Reinforces size, color and shape skills.
* Town Diner - Count out the cost of your meal by clicking on 1, 5 and 10 dollar bills.
* Library - Arrange the books in the library in alphabetical order.
* Doughnut Shop - Count out the correct type and number of doughnuts to fill the customer's order.

Monkey Math

Nine math activities with Marvin the Monkey! Addition, subtraction, number sequence, fractions, graphs, and money are all
included in this program. The individual activities are:

* Picture Addition - Add the two sets of objects.
* Picture Subtraction - Subtract the second set of objects from the first.
* Math Path - Follow along the math path by finding the sums and differences.
* Math Paint - Find the sum of each equation and paint the answer the correct color.
* Missing Numbers - Find the missing number in a number sequence.
* Picture Fractions - Color the objects to match the fraction shown.
* Picture Graphs - Drag each object into the correct row and determine what object shows the most and what object shows
the fewest.
* Story Graphs - Answer the questions by reading the bar graphs.
* Math Menu - Read the prices on the menu to determine how much the purchased items cost.

Picture Math

Six math activities help build math skills in young children. Addition
and subtraction with numbers 1 to 10, finish the pattern shown, drag
objects into the correct grid in both vertical and horizontal graphs,
drag shapes to create tangram animals, and divide a pizza and count out
presents that represent the fraction shown.

Picture Puzzles

Six fun and educational puzzle games for children. The six games are:

* Picture Doku - Similar to Sudoku but with pictures!
* Picture Places - Drag the puzzle pieces into the correct place to reveal a shop or building.
* Picture Shift - Put the picture puzzle pieces back in the correct order.
* Picture Simon - Match the sequence of events generated by your computer!
* Picture Sets - find a set of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 objects hidden behind the picture tiles.
* Picture Pyramid - Take a good look at the location of each object in the pyramid - then put them back where they were!


In LittleFingers Preschool, our most popular program, the LittleFingers
gang of colorful characters leads your child through a series of six
activities to reinforce early learning skills such as same/different,
letters of the alphabet, counting with numbers 1 to 10, shapes, colors,
and reasoning by completing a series of puzzles. This program provides
lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement for preschool children
in an easy-to-use interface.

Space Worms

It's Wilbur the Worm in space! Travel through space with Wilbur and play
seven wacky and wonderful games. These games cover finding what's
different, mouse skills, painting by number, sequencing, finding
similarities, counting 1 to 10, and reasoning. This program includes the
popular Space Germs game in the Online Games section of our site. Very
colorful graphics and wacky sounds will make for hours of fun for your

Where's Iggy? In the USA

Iggy loves to travel across the USA by bus, train, airplane and
automobile. Follow Iggy across the USA and earn points by solving
puzzles with the clues provided! This program helps reinforce many
learning skills such as mapping skills, reading charts, money, time, US
state capitals, and many more!

Word Workshop

This program was developed to help reinforce the correct usage of words.
Customize the program by entering word pairs such as accept/except as
well as a sentence using one of these words. Player chooses the correct
word and then is asked to type a sentence using the word. The program
was specifically designed for the addition of custom content, so the
word pairs that come with the program are simply for demonstration. The
content can easily be changed at any time using the built-in Word
Editor, and each word pair may be turned 'on' or 'off' at any time.

At the end of the play session, the player is given the choice to view
and/or print their results. The results will list the player's name, the
date, the number of correct answers, a list of any words chosen
incorrectly, and the list of sentences written by the player.

Download :

Password: NoNaMe

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Folder lock v6.02

try dis S/N :



Reg :

74140ED8ACCE58AC3E7096F4C4B89462B63E404EF63E4EDE84 881020FEFEDEFE

ProductID : F6

Serial : AC1840041618BC4C82364C9222320AAE589E26D6FC9E66D602 10080CB63EFEFE

sna gumana po

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Patch Dota

hmm...cge try dis links :
DOTA Patch
DOTA Patch

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Window Xp SP3

Fix the annoying WPA (Windows Product Activation) and get updates too (WGA Fix) !
Tried and tested with final edition of Windows XP Service Pack 3


or try dis links --> kita klng s net

Genuine Windows XP Volume License Key:

sna ok

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Originally Posted by mitchren

kuya shann request po naman po xp pro. and home OS CD keys plssss merun po sana ^.^

Windows XP Pro OEM

windows XP Home OEM



Originally Posted by panjo

parequest naman ng username at password ng ESET Smart Security Bus ED.. 3.0.645.0





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Sir. Meron Po ba kayo Serial key sa Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended?

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