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Toolwiz Care

This utility is a great set of tools designed to speed up slow computers

This multi-functional optimization software
provides a great set of tools to optimize and address slow machines.
Toolwiz Care includes tools such as: Checking, System Cleanup, System
Speed ​​and 40 powerful tools to increase PC performance, ensuring its
safety and optimization of the startup procedure. This toolkit is
designed for all PC users - from beginners to experts.

Here are some key features of "Toolwiz Care":

• Clean Registry - Registry errors slow down and can cause a
system crash. This feature eliminates errors in the registry system to
work like new.

• Disk Cleanup - Unwanted files clog up the drive and slow down
your system. This feature removes unnecessary files make the system work
like new.

• Cleanup of privacy - This function cleans the history of surfing and traces.

• Analysis of the disk - This function will analyze the hard disk
and tells a lot of useful information, such as disk space usage of your
files and folders, zero size files, empty folders and large files on

• System Optimizer - Improves the speed of response and stability for slow computers.

• Report of the startup - This function allows you to see the name and the download time of all components to be loaded after system startup.

• Startup Optimizer - Optimizer loads all the objects startup. You can prevent or delay the loading of some of them to speed up the boot process.

• Quick Defragmentation - This feature provides a very fast and
efficient defragmentation of hard drives for faster file downloads and
high-performance disk.

• Plugin Manager - This feature allows you to check the installed extensions in your system and lets you delete any unwanted ones.

• Network Manager- This feature displays a list of programs that are connected to the Internet, and allows you to terminate any unwanted ones.

• Process Manager - This feature lets you view all running processes and can kill any of them by simply pressing a button.

• Service Manager - This feature gives you detailed information
about the services Windows, installed on your system and lets you stop
or start any of them.

• Separator files - This tool provides an easy way to share files into several parts, as well as combine multiple units into one file.

• Check files - This tool allows you to get information on files
such as file size, value MD5/CRC32/SHA1, with a digital signature file
or not.

• Eye Protection - This feature allows you to keep your health with compulsory testing of every few hours.

• Time Freeze - Creates a virtual environment as a copy of the
real system and saves the real system in its initial state. Prevents
your computer from unwanted changes or malicious threats that cause harm
to your computer. Helps you to disable change / view your files or
access to the protected folders other. Protects your files from viruses
or trojans.

• Virtual Safety Deposit Box - A continuous virtual disk
encryption. You can create multiple Safes on your system and put the
important and private data. Without password no one can open the safe
and view its contents.

• Removing files - This is very useful for destroying unwanted files beyond recovery.

• Erasing traces on disk after deleting files - File System
Windows only removes the file name when you delete a file on your hard
drive. The utility is a useful function to completely erase the contents
of deleted files on your hard drive.

• Disk Doctor - This tool allows you to check your hard disks for errors and give a detailed report.

• Find duplicate files - This tool allows you to find all duplicate files in the specified path. You can remove some of them and free up disk space.

• Recover files - This tool can help you find files that have been previously removed. You can choose any file from the list and restore it.

• Manager of Internet Explorer - This tool allows you to manage
extensions to IE, such as ActiveX controls and allows you to change the
home page, search results pages and pages of trust IE.

• Backup and Restore registry - Windows registry is a
hierarchical database that stores configuration Microsoft Windows. This
tool will allow you to backup and restore the registry Windows.

• Defragment Registry - If your system has been used for a long
time, Windows registry will be a lot of "extra" cells. This tool will
help you restore your Windows registry and make it smaller and faster.

• Encrypt / Decrypt Files - This tool provides an easy way to encrypt / decrypt files and protects them from unauthorized access.

• Password Generator - This tool allows you to create random
passwords that are very difficult to crack or guess, and are safe
because of additional combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters,
numbers and punctuation.

• Game Mode - temporarily closing background processes and
unnecessary services Windows, cleaning RAM, and increasing the
performance of the processor, as Game Mode frees system resources for an
expensive game.

• Running Drivers - This tool gives you detailed information about drivers running in the system at this time.

• Repair Network - This tool will help you manage network
extensions in the system. You can remove some of the extensions to fix
the damaged network.

• Manager context menu - This tool lets you view and manage the
context menu of Windows, My Documents, Recycle Bin and so on. To view
the double-click your mouse on an object.

• Password Manager - This tool allows you to create random passwords that are very difficult to crack or guess.

• Super Explorer- This tool can analyze the registry without the
standard API Windows. You can find all the captured / hidden registry
entries in this guide.

• Super Registry - This tool can analyze the registry without the
standard API Windows. You can find all the captured / hidden registry
entries in this guide.

• Backup and restore MBR - it's hard disk boot sector. This tool
backs up and restores the MBR to the hard drive. You can also modify the
MBR and save it (for advanced users only).

• Recovery Center - Recovery Center can make backup copies of all
your changes to the registry with this tool. You can view or cancel all

• Manager of System Restore - This feature gives the
instantaneous representation of a system restore point on your computer
and lets you remove any of them.

• Manager of exceptions - you can add a file / registry / Cookie in the list of exceptions that you do not want to delete.

• Uninstall programs - This feature gives you detailed
information about all installed programs on your computer and allows you
to easily remove any of them.

• 500 MHz processor or faster processor
• 512MB of RAM
• 2GB of hard disk space

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DOWNLOAD | Toolwiz Care

This utility designed to speed up slow computers!

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