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URSoft Boost Windows

Clean, Optimize, Speed-Up your PC

Boost Windows is a revolutionary system
booster. Unlike other similar software, they may require you know much
knowledge of computer like registry editor, system configuration, and
you may have to take the risk of damaging your system. With Boost
Windows , you can complete the system optimization in a few "Next"
clicks. Your Windows will be fine-tuned to a perfect status - like it
was just completely reinstalled with all updates, fast, reliable, and

What benefits will Boost Windows bring you?
You may also know, your Windows system is not running at its perfect
state. The reason may be verbose services, unnecessary install files,
huge amount of temporary files and disk cache size, etc. All these will
cause Windows slow and unstable, you will often see program crash,
downloading become slower and slower.

Boost Windows is just designed to solved these problems, it can do a lot of optimizations to Windows, including:
•Speed up CPU cache
•Speed up Internet Dial-up speed
•Speed up disk speed
•Speed up system startup and shutdown
•Improve stability
•Improve Game experience
•Wipe unnecessary junk files
•Repair bad registry
•and much more!

With Boost Windows running regularly, you can keep Windows clear and
stable, never have pain to reinstall Windows time to time. From our
tests, Boost Windows can boost Windows system for 30% to 50%, including
boot and shutdown, program running performance, game FPS, etc.

You can get all these with a few mouse clicks, all operations are automatic and safe!

Features Improving the performance and privacy of a PC was previously
the job of experienced IT specialists. Boost Windows combines a range of
professional level tools that specifically target system performance
optimization, privacy enhancement and hard disk cleanup. System
settings, Internet usage, disk clutter, RAM and CPU are all
automatically scanned, cleaned and optimized for peak performance.

Here are some key features of "URSoft Boost Windows":

Increase CPU cache
You may have a high-end CPU, but Windows will not use all its cache by
default, this caused around 28% performance loss, bw can help you to
activate the unused cache, boost your CPU!

Optimize system cache
The default management policy of Windows system cache is a bit
traditional, for the bigger and bigger memory size today, Windows does
not perform the best with memory size more than 2GB, bw will set the
correct system cache for better performance.

Speed up system startup and shutdown
Have you noticed that your Windows boots slower and slower? The longer a
system runs, the slower it is. bw can clear prefetch cache and skip
unnecessary scanning to greatly reduce boot time. Normally bw only takes
around 25-40s to boot and 10s to shutdown.

Clean temporary files
Large amount of temporary files will waste too much disk space and slow
down the whole system. bw can easliy remove these files.

Close non-essential services
A fresh installed Windows will run many services - some you will never
use. Services eat a lot of system resources. bw can close these services
to reduce system resource cost.

Improve graphics performance
On some Windows system, the display card is not configured correctly,
only 70% performance is used. bw can release the whole power of display

Speed up Start Menu
Normally, the Start Menu will delay for several seconds before expanding next level, bw will reduce the delay to 1 second.

Turn on Auto-Defrag
Defragment on disk is useful and it can make disk access fast and
reliable. But few customers remember to do defragment regularly, bw can
help you to defrag disk when your computer is idle.

Clear invalid shortcuts
If you often install/uninstall programs, you may find many dead links
left on your desktop and Start Menu. bw can clear all these invalid
links and keeps desktop clean.

Release all bandwidth
Windows reserves 20% bandwidth for downloading updates, background
transfer. But most time it's not required. bw can release all bandwidth
for you!

Pre-load system files
By pre-loading system files, programs will run faster, but it will slightly affect the startup time of Windows.

Clear invalid installations
You may often find some programs listed in Add/Remove Program, even if
it's uninstalled. bw can clear all invalid installations.

Speedup web page access
This feature fine tunes core settings of Internet Explorer (Version 6
above) to gain quicker access to web pages, especially for some huge

Repair and compact registry
Windows registry is a important database and accessed very often by
Windows and programs, it keeps increasing in size and junk information.
bw will repair invalid entries and compact registry to make access to
registry much faster!

Remove system install files
Windows backups large number of file during setup, these files occupies
disk space and slow down the system. bw can clear these files for you(
around 700mb).

Speed up access to Shared Folders
Windows by default will scan all tasks on a Network Neighborhood when
accessing a "Shared Folder", it normally lasts 30 seconds or more, bw
will dramatically decrease the delay time.

DOWNLOAD | URSoft Boost Windows 2.3.2011.87

Clean, Optimize, Speed-Up your PC!

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