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Maw1 Rules & Regulations on Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:36 am

  • Moderator


are only language allowed in our forum & chatbox unless on threads
that are made specially for your own dialect/language.

2) Before posting on our boards in this forum, please read first our rules/reminders in every board.

3) Respect others the way you respect yourself.

4) Signatures, must less than 500KB in size.

Whole of topics must contain full description specially in posted
applications, make screenshots for proper guidelines of our co-TP

6) If you are not the original uploader of a certain
craft such as softwares, movies, mp3's, tutorial's, tricks, tips,
modified application, it is necessary to include the original
author/source at the end of your post for their credits.


1) Word in Abbreviations or SMS type.

2) Offensive words or language in English, Tagalog, or other language to start flame wars are not allowed.

3) Insulting members is strictly prohibited. Members proven doing this will give warning and subject to banned in this site.

4) Off topic, double post or posting messages in Shoutbox & threads consecutively in a short period of time.

Promoting and Spamming. This includes using the forum email and Private
message system to spam other members. Includes raising of websites like

6) Lending your own account to others are not allowed.

Personal Attacks against any Member OR Staff Member will not be
tolerated. If you have any issue against the staff you can send us
private message.

Cool Rudeness toward of any member, especially Forum's Staff will not be tolerated. Administrators and Moderators are Forum's Staff.


TechProvider Administrators reserve the right to change or incorporate these Rules & Regulations without any announcement.

Thank You!

Kind Regards,

Note : These rules may be modified/updated anytime, so we invite you to re-read them regularly.

Notice : All users of this forum are deemed to respect and obey the rules.

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