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Make your windowsXP.. GENUINE.. in 10sec.tested sp2 and sp3..updated with screenshots

share ko lang napulot ko extract nyo
lang yung rar attached then click nyo muna yung diagnostic tool para
malaman nyo kung genuine na yung os nyo kung hindi pa just click wga.reg
then click ok tapos click nyo ulit diagnostic tool at yun genuine na os
nyo tried and tested po..winXP sp2 / sp3.

eto kapag hindi pa genuine click lang wga.reg....

tapos ayan na genuine na


Attached Images

gopu.JPG (41.9 KB, 4308 views)
gopu2.JPG (45.8 KB, 4284 views)

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windows_genuine_crack_by_gopakumar.rar (299.4 KB, 9114 views)

"be responsible do it right"

make your windows xp genuine in 10sec.

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